Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

Photo by Xue Wei

  China News Service, Beijing, April 25 (Reporter Zhang Weiran and Guo Chaokai) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference on April 25.

  Wang Wenbin: China's relevant "dynamic clearing" policy and epidemic prevention regulations are based on science and expert opinions, in line with China's actual situation and the guiding principles of the World Health Organization, and have effectively guaranteed the safety and health of Chinese and foreign citizens living in China. The global fight against the epidemic has made important contributions.

  Relevant data show that in 2021, the death rate of new coronary pneumonia in China is 0.4 per 100,000, only 1/606 of that in the United States, and it is one of the countries with the lowest death toll due to the epidemic in the world.

China's relevant epidemic prevention measures have achieved the greatest prevention and control effect at the least cost, and minimized the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development. This is an objective fact recognized by the international community.

China's epidemic prevention efforts and achievements have not only been highly appraised by the World Health Organization, but also highly recognized and supported by the Chinese people.

  I would also like to point out that any containment measures have some cost.

The prevention and control measures taken by some cities in China have had some impact on production and life, which can happen in any country.

But the difference is that the vast majority of Chinese people understand and support the Chinese government's anti-epidemic policies and measures.

The Chinese people are full of confidence in defeating the epidemic.

Facing the delta virus strain, China did not "lie down" and resolutely launched the delta blocking war, which made great contributions to protecting the health of the Chinese people and safeguarding China's economic and social development, and achieved remarkable results. The global fight against the epidemic has made important contributions.

  In the face of the Omikron strain, China will still not "lie down", but will firmly advance the Omikron blocking war. We will surely win the victory and make greater contributions to the world.