Good news if you were planning to fly to Bangkok this summer.

Thailand has decided to lift the last restrictions for vaccinated travelers from May 1.

The country aims to revive the vital tourism sector still very affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

End of PCR tests, end of the obligation to isolate themselves in a hotel while awaiting the results, visitors will only have to attest to a complete vaccination schedule and medical insurance of a minimum amount of 10,000 dollars, announced authorities on Friday.

Test or quarantine for non-vaccinated

Tourists who are not vaccinated will have the choice: present a negative result to a PCR test carried out in the three days preceding their arrival or stay five days in a hotel in quarantine.

The lifting of the latest restrictions "will boost the economic recovery since we are a country that depends quite heavily on tourism", said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha.

Hotels, restaurateurs and tour operators have long been lobbying authorities to ease entry requirements into the country.

20% of Thai GDP

Before the health crisis, the tourism sector contributed around 20% of Thailand's GDP.

In 2019, nearly 40 million international travelers visited the kingdom generating $60 billion in tourism revenue.

In 2021, less than 428,000 visited the country which imposed very strict travel restrictions in an attempt to curb the pandemic (up to 14 days of quarantine in an approved hotel).

The authorities expect 5.5 million travelers this year.


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