Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the United States: China and the United States should play a role in maintaining global food security

  On April 21, local time, the 2022 Sino-US Agricultural High-level Seminar was held in Iowa, USA.

Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, said at the meeting that in the face of the complex and severe situation facing the current global agricultural development and food security, China and the United States, as major agricultural countries and major agricultural product trading countries, should work together to meet the challenges, maintain the stable development of agriculture, and enhance the resilience of agricultural product supply chains. Ensuring domestic food security and actively promoting international food security cooperation will certainly help maintain world peace, promote global economic development and social stability, and promote sustainable human development.

  Qin Gang said that under the background of the current delay of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, fragile world economic recovery, increasingly prominent climate change, and regional conflicts destroying world peace, food security has once again become a major practical issue facing China and the United States and the world.

Promoting mutually beneficial agricultural cooperation between China and the United States from a strategic perspective will not only benefit the people of China and the United States, but also help reduce the instability and uncertainty of the global food supply, as well as the global efforts to combat climate change.

  Qin Gang emphasized that China and the United States must deepen economic and trade cooperation, promote two-way and normal trade in agricultural products, remove existing obstacles such as tariffs, and create a stable business environment for the industry; it is necessary to deepen cooperation in science and technology and education, focus on sustainable development, and enhance technology. Support and reserve youth strength; we must deepen the exchange of policy information, restore the agricultural dialogue mechanism as soon as possible, and strengthen communication and exchanges; we must deepen international coordination and play the due roles of China and the United States in maintaining global food security.

(CCTV reporter Zhao Miao)