It is believed that Prime Minister Kishida met with former Liberal Democratic Party chairman Moriyama on the night of the 22nd and exchanged opinions on future administration, including the response to the summer Upper House election.

The meeting between Prime Minister Kishida and former Liberal Democratic Party chairman Moriyama was held at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo on the night of the 22nd for about an hour and a half.

After the meeting, Mr. Moriyama only told reporters, "I didn't talk about anything special," and although details have not been clarified, the summer House of Councilors election and the response to the final Diet session will be discussed. It seems that they exchanged opinions on the future administration of the administration, including.

Mr. Moriyama has complained about the recent response of the executive department, including concerns that the party executive department is adjusting to forgo the candidate's support in the Yamagata constituency of the upper house election, and Prime Minister Kishida has complained. As the minister, it seems that he may aim to reconcile the party by exchanging opinions directly with Mr. Moriyama.