Legendary boxer Mike Tyson (55), known as the 'nuclear fist', assaulted a passenger on the same plane.

According to foreign media such as TMZ, the American entertainment media on the 21st local time, Tyson, who was boarding the first class flight from San Francisco to Florida the day before, assaulted a passenger in the back seat before takeoff.

According to reports, Tyson initially took pictures and had a brief conversation with the passenger who recognized him.

However, the passenger sitting in the back seat constantly touched Tyson's heart, and in the end, the exploded Tyson got up from his seat and punched the passenger.

Tyson then reportedly got off the plane himself.

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A video of a passenger filming the situation at the time showed the victim constantly exaggerating and talking to Tyson, who was seated in the front seat.

The victim, who was hit in the face by Tyson, later showed a scarred forehead and made a face of injustice.

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Tyson's representative said, "The passenger in the back seat was intoxicated and did not stop provoking."

Another eyewitness described the situation at the time, as Tyson asked the passenger to leave him alone, but eventually swung his fists as he provoked without stopping.

The victim is said to have been interrogated by the authorities after first aid.

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Tyson, famous for his famous saying, 'Until you get hit with a single shot.', was nicknamed the 'Nuclear Fist' as the best star in the heavyweight boxing world in the late 1980s.

In 1997, he committed the so-called 'nuclear tooth incident' for biting an ear in a match against Evander Holyfield, and in 1992 he was convicted of sexual assault and served nearly three years in prison.