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  • While the establishment of a humanitarian corridor did not work Wednesday in Mariupol and the city is still on the verge of falling into Russian hands, the civilians and last soldiers present are still entrenched in the steel plant and Azovstal Metallurgical

  • The Russian army has also increased its presence in the south and east of the country, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense which reported Wednesday on "assault attempts" in the region of Kharkiv (east) and Lugansk (east). ), as well as shelling in the south in villages near Zaporizhia.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is due to address the Portuguese Parliament this afternoon at 4 p.m. (GMT).




War in Ukraine: "In the Donbass, Moscow will face a Ukrainian army which has been prepared for this fight since 2014"


War in Ukraine: kyiv asks Russia to negotiate in Mariupol to save "civilians and soldiers"

7:50 a.m .: The EU will do “everything possible” so that Ukraine “wins the war”

On Wednesday, European Council President Charles Michel was in kyiv where he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Vladimir Putin "will not succeed in destroying the sovereignty of Ukraine, nor in dividing the European Union", he declared, before launching: "You are not alone, we are with you and we will do everything we can to support you and to ensure that Ukraine wins the war”.

7:40 am: Fighting concentrated in southern and eastern Ukraine

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday "attempted assaults" on the localities of Sulyguivka and Dibrivne, in the Kharkiv region (east), as well as on Rubizhne and Severodonetsk, in the Lugansk region (east).

In the south, the bombardments also intensified, in particular on the villages of Mala Tokmatchka and Orikhiv, 70 km south-east of Zaporijjia, noted an AFP journalist.

7:30 am: “The situation is difficult, even critical” in Mariupol

Several hundred civilians, lacking food and water, are entrenched in the Azovstal steel and metallurgical plant with the Ukrainian army's 36th battalion and the Azov battalion, the last two combat units in Mariupol, according to the authorities Ukrainians.

“We are ready to leave Mariupol with the help of a third party”, armed with weapons, “in order to save the people entrusted to us”, Svyatoslav Palamar, deputy commander of the Azov battalion, said on Telegram on Thursday.

"The situation is difficult, even critical", he continued, while on Wednesday the humanitarian corridor, which had in principle been negotiated to allow the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol, "did not work", declared Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk last night.

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If the Russian troops did not manage to take the capital of the country, it is now concentrating on the south and the east of the country where the city of Mariupol seems on the verge of falling after months of siege.

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