Two brothers in their twenties appeared in court in Quimper (Finistère) on Tuesday for acts of violence.

The prosecutor spoke of a “punitive expedition”.

The facts occurred on the evening of April 16, says

Côté Quimper


The respondents entered the home of their mother's new companion, recently separated from their father.

In the kitchen, they kicked and punched her and pulled her hair while threatening her.

The companion intervened and was also beaten.

The mother filed a complaint and was prescribed thirty days of ITT.

"answers to questions"

In court, the brothers explained that they were “looking for answers to questions”.

The photos of the injuries, however, do not plead in their favor.

They were each sentenced to eighteen months in prison, twelve of which were suspended.

They will be placed under an electronic bracelet and will no longer be able to get in touch with their mother or her new companion.

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