The parliamentary group leader of the Hessian Left has reacted to the allegations in the scandal about alleged sexual assaults within the state party and in the Wiesbaden district association.

During a virtual board meeting on Monday afternoon, the committee decided to temporarily release a speaker from the state parliamentary group from his duties until the allegations have been clarified.

Nevertheless, the party and parliamentary group are still criticized for not reacting earlier and for not providing more support to those affected.

The horror of the Hessian left in Wiesbaden is great.

There are allegations of sexual harassment, abuse of power and sexual assault.

The news magazine "Der Spiegel" also reported that an "influential member of the Wiesbaden Left Party" in the Hessian state parliament had taken photos and videos in sexual poses of a woman who was underage at the time.

The young woman, who had unsuccessfully reported coercion and insult to the speakers in the state parliamentary group, is said to have saved all chat histories and other messages, some with very intimate details.

A spokesman confirmed that members of the party are calling for the allegations to be fully clarified.

Janine Wissler, co-chairman of the Left Party, who was parliamentary group leader of the Hessian Left Party at the time of the events, is also under criticism, because the allegations are also about her ex-partner.

In a statement, Wissler had stated that she was not aware of the allegations against her partner at the time until the turn of the year 2021/2022.

Wissler separated from her partner in 2018 after the young woman contacted her and reported on the relationship.

Wissler clarified that there was no talk of allegations of sexual coercion and abuse at that time.

Other suspected victims

The 24-year-old woman and the parliamentary group officer are said to have met during a party event.

The woman was a member of the left at the time.

The fact that the Wiesbaden local politician was neither on leave nor released until Monday caused incomprehension within the left.

“That should have happened a long time ago,” was heard from the ranks of the party.

Meanwhile, the youth organization of the left, Solid, has announced that other suspected victims from various state associations have reported.

According to Solid federal spokeswoman Sarah Dubiel, there should be more than 20 people.

She called for a thorough investigation of the incidents by the party.

The youth organization of the Wiesbaden FDP accuses the left in Wiesbaden and in the country of having "apparently tolerated criminal offenses and left the victims to themselves".

A coalition with the participation of the left is currently being formed in the state capital.

The Young Liberals are calling on the SPD, Greens and Volt factions to break off the coalition negotiations because of the allegations.

During a zoom conference on Monday yesterday, the executive state board also wanted to decide that two or three confidants would be used to neutrally review the allegations of sexual assault.

The state executive board is then to finally adopt the appointment of the persons of trust on April 30th during its meeting in Frankfurt.

The federal executive board of the party wants to meet for a crisis meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss further steps in dealing with the suspected cases, said a spokesman.