Dubai Criminal Court condemns an Asian man who killed a businessman and his wife and stabbed their daughter

The Dubai Criminal Court, unanimously by its members, sentenced Sabbagh (Asian) to death, convicted of the premeditated murder of an Indian businessman and his wife, and the attempted murder of their eldest daughter by stabbing her in the neck that would have cost her life had it not been for her submission to a speedy ambulance, as well as a fine. For the crimes of attempted murder and coerced robbery.

The Public Prosecution referred the accused to the Criminal Court, confirming that he had the intention and determination to kill the victim and the people of his house, who were led by circumstances in front of him during the robbery of the house at night, and he remained behind the trees, waiting for their sleep, and crept into the house, and when he was surprised by the awakening of the master of the house, he attacked him with a knife that he carried with him. Then he killed his wife, who woke up to the sound of her husband's voice.

The accused admitted in the investigations that he had bought the knife from a store near his residence in another emirate, then asked someone to deliver it to the location of the villa, in the Arabian Ranches area, on June 17, 2020, and it remained dormant until eleven o’clock in the evening, then jumped off the fence and hid in The inner garden until one in the morning, and he entered through a side door on the ground floor and searched for items to be stolen. He found the victim's wallet and seized the money inside.

The accused added that he went upstairs to the room of the victim and his wife, as he had seen money in it previously when he came to work in the villa months before planning the crime, pointing out that he opened one of the drawers in a table next to the bed on the side of the husband, so he woke up and grabbed him, but the accused took out the knife He stabbed him in separate places on his body, and the wife woke up and attacked her and there was a stampede between them and he grabbed her hand and stabbed her twice in the neck and one stab in the chest. Dubai Al-Ain, then he called the person who arrived and asked him to come and ride with him, and he was arrested later.

While the victim (18-year-old student) stated that she was in her bedroom on the ground floor and heard a distress sound, so she rushed to her parents’ room and used the phone lamp because the lights were turned off on the floor. So she went to her parents' room and saw her father lying on the floor soaked in his blood, as well as her mother on the bed, and she tried to talk to them, but they did not answer her, and her younger sister came and closed the door on them and used her father's phone to call the police and her father's friend.

In addition, the driver who arrived the accused said that the accused met him near the National Bridge in Sharjah and asked him to take him to Arabian Ranches, and took his phone number to call him later. On his neck there are traces of scratches and bare feet. He asked him what had happened to him, and he told him that he had quarrels with some people.

For his part, a member of the criminal investigation team from Dubai Police stated that the accused planned to commit the crime because of his previous knowledge of the villa, as he participated in maintenance work, pointing out that the tool used in the crime was found in a sandy area 500 meters from the villa.

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