Yesterday, Monday, 8 Sudanese political entities signed a document establishing a new alliance under the name "The Broad Islamic Current", to achieve organizational integration between them.

The new entity includes the Islamic Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Reform Now Movement, the State of Law and Development Party, and the Just Peace Forum.

The signing ceremony took place in the capital, Khartoum, followed by the participation of thousands of supporters of the movement in an Iftar ceremony in Riyadh Park on the occasion of the anniversary of the Great Battle of Badr.

This coincided with breakfast tables organized by the movement in a number of states of Sudan.

The charter stated, "The unity of the Islamic ranks is a legitimate obligation, a realistic necessity and an imperative duty, especially as our country is witnessing a serious existential threat targeting its identity and virtuous values ​​with obliteration and erosion."

The charter continued, "One of the goals that we look forward to from this alignment is to ensure that the values ​​of religion are applied to all aspects of life in the affairs of pension and return in a comprehensive and integrated way."

He added that this declaration is open to every party or party that finds itself in agreement with it or acquainted with the meanings contained in it. Rather, it is the case of every work in which people strive, and it will remain available for evaluation and modification by deletion and addition.

On the sidelines of the signing of the charter, Hassan Rizk - who is the deputy head of the "Reform Now" movement - appealed to all Islamic movements in the world to unite.

Rizk stressed that the first stage of the broad Islamic movement will be a coordinating unit, followed by partial unification, and then the stage of full integration after the drafting of the Basic Law and the formation of its organs.

In turn, Amin Hassan Omar, representative of the Islamic movement, said that the entity's goal is to confront campaigns against Islamists and Islam, as he put it.