Today, DN published an article about the background to the investigation that has now contributed to NTF riks applying for bankruptcy.

According to DN's review, these are alarms from whistleblowers and financial irregularities with project support from the Swedish Transport Administration, which finances most of NTF's road safety operations.

The investigation is thus directed at NTF riks, ie the NTF unions' central office in Stockholm.

- That's right.

NTF riks is its own legal entity, with its own personnel responsibility and board.

It is we who are the subject of the review, not our 11 NTF unions out in the country, says Marie Nordén.

According to Marie Nordén, NTF riks has not received any grants this year from the Swedish Transport Administration.

- The Swedish Transport Administration has not finished its review yet.

We know that we have failed in terms of time accounting in our projects, but otherwise we do not know exactly what mistakes we think we have committed.

But since we are completely dependent on grants and not a rich organization with large, equity, we must apply for bankruptcy, she says.

Local NTF union: Not involved

Lars Nordquist, operations manager for NTF Sörmland-Örebro län-Östergötland, believes that what has happened is devastating for the NTF brand, but that the county association is well-functioning:


We are not involved in this process.

Nor will it affect our business towards our customers and partners.

According to Lars Nordquist, the county association has long worked hard not to be dependent on funds from the Swedish Transport Administration, which according to him accounts for a quarter of the funding.

- The Swedish Transport Administration's review naturally affects us on many levels.

But we stand strong and will work as usual.