The crew of Shenzhou 13 on a 183-day space trip

return to earth

The manned flight mission of Shenzhou 13 was a complete success

From Shenzhou 5 to Shenzhou 13

From "one person for one day" to "three for half a year"

The pace of Chinese people going to the sea of ​​stars has never stopped

Today, to 13 "Flying Heroes" and

Pay tribute to countless astronauts who have been silently persevering

"I'm proud of my country!"

October 15, 2003

38-year-old Yang Liwei aboard the Shenzhou-5 manned spacecraft

Successful completion of China's first manned space flight mission

Be the first Chinese visitor to step into the vastness of space

After landing in the re-entry capsule

Yang Liwei stuck his head out

The first words spoken to the crowd were

"I'm proud of my country!"

"What foreign astronauts can do

Chinese astronauts can also do it.”

October 12, 2005

Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng

Take the Shenzhou VI manned spacecraft to fly into space

How do you let the ground know you're in good shape?

Fei Junlong remembered

Foreign astronauts did a "forward roll" on the space station

So he boldly sat on the seat

Do 4 "forward rolls" in a row for a total of 3 minutes

Calculated at the speed of the spacecraft at that time

He "turned" about 351 kilometers per somersault

"What foreign astronauts can do

Chinese astronauts can do it too!


"As long as the country and the people need

I will move forward.”

In 1998, Nie Haisheng became my country's first astronaut

"God Five", "God Seven", "God Nine", he backed up three times

"God Six" and "God Ten", he flew twice

In 2021, 57-year-old Nie Haisheng

The third expedition to space

Nie Haisheng said: "As long as the country and the people need

I will go forward

In the vast sky, continue to fly out of the trajectory of the Chinese dragon"

"I'm out of the cabin and I feel good!"

September 25, 2008

Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng

Take the Shenzhou 7 manned spacecraft to go to space

Execute China's first space flight

The moment when Zhai Zhigang displayed the five-star red flag in space

Hundreds of millions of people rejoice

In the vast space, Zhai Zhigang reports to the motherland

"I'm out of the cabin and I feel good!

Shenzhou 7 sends hello to the people of the whole country and the whole world!


In 2021, Zhai Zhigang goes to space again

We heard the familiar

"I'm out of the cabin and I feel good!"

△In 2008, Zhai Zhigang held a five-star red flag on a spacewalk.

"Even if you sacrifice, let the five-star red flag

Fly high in space!


In fact, Zhai Zhigang executed

In the process of China's first space flight

Encountered that the door could not be opened one after another

The instrument shows dangerous situations such as fire in the orbital cabin

That day, Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng

Temporary decision to change the departure procedure

Prioritize the display of the five-star red flag

When someone asked "Worry about not coming back"

Liu Boming's answer shook people's hearts:

"Even if sacrifice

We also want to let the five-star red flag fly high in space!


In 2021, Liu Boming will fly to the Chinese Space Station

Completed the first astronaut out of the Chinese space station

△Liu Boming works outside the cabin

"Without dreams, the soul is 'weightless'"

"God Seven", "God Nine", "God Eleven"

Jing Haipeng has three times

perform manned spaceflight missions

And break many records of China's manned spaceflight

Jing Haipeng said, always have a dream

keep him on the ground

"A dream comes true, there must be another

Just like a man in space, the body will be weightless

Back to the ground, if there is no dream

The soul will be 'weightless'"

"As long as you persevere, you will get something"

"Shen Jiu" is a Chinese astronaut

For the first time, a spacecraft has actually been "piloted" in space

So far, China has become the third

Countries that have mastered space manual rendezvous and docking technology

For this day, "driver" Liu Wang has been preparing for 14 years

"These more than 5,000 days and nights

I actually only did one thing

is preparing for the fulfillment of his mission

I believe that as long as you persevere, you will get something

Whether it is a person or a deed, it will be refined into steel.”

"Three feet off the ground, regardless of gender"

When sitting on the swivel chair for the first time and rotating continuously for 5 minutes

Sudden dizziness nausea

Make Liu Yang pale instantly

After training, she couldn't help crying

Relying on the love for Feitian and the cherishing of opportunities

Liu Yang persisted

From 8 minutes to 10 minutes to over 12 minutes

June 16, 2012

Liu Yang becomes the first Chinese female astronaut to enter space

13 days of spaceflight

She did most of the scientific experiments

"Three feet off the ground, regardless of gender"

Liu Yang said confidently

"Success is not only for the winners

It belongs to those who never give up"

From "God Five" to "God Nine"

Zhang Xiaoguang has experienced 4 times

Crew selection for manned spaceflight

But every time I miss the expedition to space

Until June 11, 2013, Shenzhou 10

He traded 15 years of hard work for 15 days of flight

Looking back on the ups and downs in chasing dreams, Zhang Xiaoguang said

"The process of overcoming difficulties and setbacks

is a major part of our lives

Success is not only for the winner

It belongs to those who never give up"

△ Zhang Xiaoguang in space

"Dare to dream, dare to dream

Diligent in making dreams come true”

In 2003, Shenzhou-5 launched into space

Wang Yaping, who was still a pilot at that time

eager to get out of the atmosphere

In 2010, Wang Yaping was selected as China's first batch of female astronauts

In 2013, she finally "flying" as she wished

In 2021, Wang Yaping goes to space again

Become China's first female astronaut on the space station

The first Chinese female astronaut to leave the cabin

she encourages young people

"You must dare to dream

Dare to pursue dreams and diligently realize dreams”

△Wang Yaping's outboard activities

"We're not here to rest"

In 2016, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong

Take the Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft to visit the "Heavenly Palace"

In 33 days, Chen Dong and Jing Haipeng

Participated in up to 38 trials (experiments)

Local ground researchers advised them to pay attention to rest

Chen Dong stubbornly answered

"We're not here to rest

Our wish is to bring all the scientific and technological personnel

Blood, sweat and wisdom

into the most effective data to bring back"

△Jing Haipeng (left) and Chen Dong (right)

"I have been

learn, learn, learn"

Tang Hongbo is the astronaut crew of Shenzhou 12

youngest astronaut

For him, compared to the daily hard training

The long wait before becoming an astronaut

more tempered his will

When the same batch of comrades flew in succession

Tang Hongbo hasn't waited for his chance

In order to realize his dream, Tang Hongbo worked harder to improve himself

He often goes to the unit to read books on weekends

Except for lunch time, is researching materials

"I've been learning, learning, learning

Waiting for this opportunity while studying"

△Tang Hongbo exercising in the Chinese space station

"Not flying

It's on the way to fight to fly"

before being selected as an astronaut

Ye Guangfu is a pilot of a certain air force of the Air Force.

Because of the love for flying and yearning for the blue sky

He is firmly committed to the manned spaceflight business

finally in 2010

One of my country's second batch of astronauts

Ye Guangfu says

"Each of our astronauts

Not in Feitian, but on the way to fight for flight

me either"

Now, Ye Guangfu has realized the dream of flying

"I am proud to report to the motherland!"

Shenzhou 13

The journey of the three astronauts has come to an end

But China's aerospace progress will not stop

Looking forward to the next ignition

Salute to the Chinese astronauts who continue to struggle!