China News Service, April 18. According to South Korea's KBS TV station, April 16 marked the eighth anniversary of the "Shiyue" shipwreck, and many memorial activities were held in South Korea.

  According to reports, South Korean Prime Minister Kim Fu-gyeom apologized on behalf of the government in his eulogy.

He said the government failed to protect the lives of its citizens and failed to protect your families.

Data map: The hull of the "Shiyue" that was salvaged ashore.

  Some families of the victims went to Jindo, Jeollanam-do, where the ship sank, the report said.

They threw cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums into the sea, mourning the children who were too late to grow up.

  A memorial ceremony was also held at the Incheon Family Park, where 43 victims and two civilian divers were buried.

The representative of the bereaved family, Jeon Tae-ho, said why the "Sewol" sank and why our family could not be rescued. In order to find these answers, even after 80 years, we must continue to struggle.

  In addition, South Korean President Moon Jae-in asked the Special Investigation Committee on Social Tragedy to continue to make every effort to find out the truth of the "Shiyue" accident.

President-elect Yoon Sek-yue also said that making South Korea a safe country is the most sincere tribute.

  On April 16, 2014, the passenger ship Shiyue, carrying 476 people, accidentally flooded and sank from the Incheon port of South Korea to Jeju Island. More than 300 people were killed or missing, most of them high school students.

After the tragedy, the South Korean government promised to rectify and set April 16 every year as "National Safety Day".