In 2021, they added technological wings to rural revitalization

  ——Approaching the Tech Commissioner

  Author: our newspaper reporting team

  "Guangming Daily" (April 18, 2022 Edition 01)

  The towering Taihang, the ridge of the world, gave birth to the millennium legend of "The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountain".

  Beijing, National Museum of China.

A large-scale collection of oil paintings tells the world about the feat of "the new Yugong on the Taihang Mountains"——

  The person in the painting is Li Baoguo, a professor at Hebei Agricultural University.

For 35 years, he has been rooted in Taihang, leading 100,000 villagers to carry out ecological management and development in mountainous areas, getting rid of the "poor" hat, pulling out the "poor" roots, and making millions of mu of barren mountains green...

  In contemporary China, poverty alleviation and the struggle for a moderately prosperous society have sowed the seeds of hope on the earth one after another in this miracle on earth.

They, have a common name - science and technology commissioner!

  In the spring of 1999, Nanping City, Fujian Province dispatched the first batch of 225 scientific and technological talents to the front line of rural production practice in order to solve the problems of insufficient grass-roots agricultural scientific and technological strength and lack of scientific and technological services.

This is where the science and technology commissioner system began.

  Three years later, Comrade Xi Jinping, then governor of Fujian Province, published a signed article in Qiushi, summarizing the "Nanping experience", and the science and technology commissioner pilot program entered the five northwestern provinces and regions, and then moved to the whole country; in 2016, the State Council issued "Several Opinions on Further Implementing the System of Special Commissioners for Science and Technology", since then, commissioners of science and technology have been promoted in the north and south of the country in the form of a system...

  Tian Chou thousands of miles, "Shen soldiers descended from heaven".

  In 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions, "In the past 20 years since the implementation of the science and technology special commissioner system, we have insisted that talents should sink in, technology will go to the countryside, and serve 'agriculture, rural areas and farmers'. The disseminator of agricultural science and technology, the leader of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and the leader of rural poverty alleviation and prosperity, make the majority of farmers have more sense of gain and happiness."

  The general secretary is precisely positioned for the science and technology commissioner.

  On March 22, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was investigating and investigating in Fujian, came to Yanzihu Ecological Tea Garden in Xingcun Town, Wuyi Mountain.

I heard that in recent years, under the guidance of the team of science and technology commissioners, tea gardens have highlighted ecological planting, improved the quality of tea, and increased the income of tea farmers. The general secretary said that the system of science and technology commissioners should be further promoted, so that the majority of science and technology commissioners could write papers in Tianye University. on the ground.

  In a short period of more than 20 years, the team of science and technology commissioners has grown to hundreds of thousands of people.

"The fire of a single star" has already started a prairie fire!

  Entering the third decade of the new century, the science and technology commissioners who have embarked on a new journey of rural revitalization have never stopped.

Science and technology promote agriculture and empower "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". In the past 2021, what extraordinary things have they gone through in the ordinary?

What are your goals for the new year?

Recently, our newspaper dispatched an interview team to follow them as they ploughed the countryside, listened to their stories of "touching a stone and turning it into gold", and felt their enthusiasm and perseverance in putting "Dingtian" technology into the soil...

  Cultivation: The root of science and technology is deeply rooted in the soil, in order to grow "golden knots"

  ●From "give a man fish" to "teach a man how to fish", how to pass on the spark of modern agriculture?

  ●Concentrating on scientific research in the laboratory, can the "last mile" of achievement transformation be completed?

  ●How to answer the farmers' "urgency and hope" for the thesis written in the field?

  Shot one:

  "When I walked to the podium, I couldn't help but be excited. The general secretary specially explained that I would write the results on the ground."

  On February 25, 2021, the National Poverty Alleviation Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People, and General Secretary Xi Jinping personally awarded him the award-"This is my happiest moment in 2021".

  He is Zhao Yafu, a famous agricultural technology expert.

As a science and technology commissioner, he has been rooted in the old Maoshan district of Jiangsu for decades, stationed to help Daizhuang Village in Jurong, Zhenjiang, and has successively promoted more than 2.5 million mu of new agricultural varieties and technologies.

  With the general secretary's entrustment, in the past year, he has driven a total mileage of more than 53,000 kilometers, successfully promoted the "Dai Zhuang Experience" in 5 villages, and carried out more than 30 technical trainings... Busy still, weather updates - after continuous improvement , The local Koshihikari rice regenerated rice has been planted on a large scale, the yield per mu has increased by about 300 catties, and the annual output can reach 1,000 catties!

  "In 2021, my country's grain production will achieve 'eighteen consecutive abundance', and Chinese people will have more confidence in securing their jobs. Behind this is the support of agricultural science and technology." In Zhao Yafu's view, talents are "grain in the ground" and "hide in the land". The key to food and technology".

  To this end, he devoted a lot of effort.

  "Mr. Zhao is the 'old hen' of our Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and 'incubation' has created a group of scientific and technological talents." Rui Dongming, a researcher at the Zhenjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences who has been working with Zhao Yafu since graduating from university, said sincerely.

  The cultivator said: Zhao Yafu:

  In modern agriculture, agricultural technicians alone are not enough. "Blood transfusion" can only relieve the temporary difficulties, and "blood production" can solve the permanent difficulties. It is necessary to change "give them a fish" to "teach them to fish"!

I now go to Daizhuang Village two or three times a week, mainly to train new farmers.

We set up a youth group for promoting agriculture through science and technology. Everyone "gathers together as a fire", and scattered in the fields is "the sky full of stars".

  Shot two:

  "Winter idle fields" have become "revenue-increasing fields", and they can also be busy harvesting during the sowing season!

  Recently, Wang Xiuquan, a grower in Xikou Village, Wuyi, Zhejiang Province, is busy picking black fungus in the field. "Last year's 50,000 black fungus sticks earned 150,000 yuan, which is much better than going out to work!"

  It has always been a "winter field" of single-plant rice. How did Wang Xiuquan remember that he had grown fungus in rotation?

This is a "coup" of Cai Weiming, a science and technology commissioner, director of the Horticultural Research Institute of the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and an expert in the national edible fungus industry technology system.

  "Wuyi, there are green mountains and green waters! And high-quality water sources are just the necessary conditions for the growth of black fungus." Cai Weiming decided to promote the "ear-rice" rotation technology of stable production and high-efficiency facility cultivation in Wuyi. Plant fungus."

  The idea is very good, but the local people do not buy it.

Cai Weiming's technical team decided to find a demonstration household to do it by hand!

Wang Xiuquan is the person who "eats crabs".

  "Money support, material support, it's better to have a science and technology commissioner!" Wang Xiuquan said excitedly, "When to water and when to ventilate, Mr. Cai has arranged a refreshing arrangement, and even gave me a 'guarantee' for production, one year Earn tens of thousands more. Now, many farmers are eager to learn from Mr. Cai’s team, and they want to work this winter.”

  "In 2021, we will build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. I am sincerely proud to be able to devote myself to this national great cause in these years. But this is not the end, but the starting point of a new life and new struggle." Cai Weiming told reporters, "This year, we will Together with the folks in Wuyi, we will promote the 'ear-rice' crop rotation' 1000-mu billion yuan' project to stabilize grain and increase income, and use technology to help 26 counties in Zhejiang get rich together!"

  The cultivator said: Cai Weiming:

  To be a good science and technology commissioner in the new era, we must identify the needs of farmers and provide feasible technologies.

This is very different from the research we usually do in the laboratory, which not only requires deep cultivation of basic research, but also breaks through the key core technologies of industrial development.

Only by making more breakthroughs in solving practical problems can we develop well and quickly.

  Shot three:

  "The first crop of tomatoes sold for more than 6,000 yuan. Now, I am transplanting cabbage, eggplant, and pepper seedlings in the greenhouse. This crop of vegetables will be available soon." In the vegetable base, fruits and vegetables are growing vigorously. Villager Duoji said with emotion, "Thanks to the greenhouse vegetable planting techniques taught by Mr. Zheng, these 'rare vegetables' can also be grown in Tibetan areas."

  Mr. Zheng in Duoji’s mouth is Zheng Yangxia, a professor at the School of Horticulture, Sichuan Agricultural University.

As a science and technology commissioner, she travels to the Tibetan area and goes to Liangshan, and she is very busy in 2021——

  The water chestnut seedling base under construction in Leibo County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, originated from a special seedling found by Zheng Yangxia and his team from more than 40 acres of water chestnut seedlings. Compared with the seedlings purchased from outside, it can be 20 Day sprouting and harvesting.

"The yield per mu has increased by 10%, not only the yield has increased greatly, but the quality is also quite good."

  But who would have thought that the watermelon, which the local people depended on for a living, almost disappeared.

  "It was too dangerous that time! Watermelon fell piece by piece," recalled a farmer in Leibo County.

  At a critical moment, Zheng Yangxia, who came after hearing the news, took off her shoes, rolled up her trouser legs, and stepped into the knee-deep water chestnut field to check.

"Not only is there a problem in a water chestnut field, but leaf rot is breaking out in the whole area of ​​Leibo, and the output has plummeted. The situation is not optimistic." Zheng Yangxia gave a judgment and found out "leaf rot outbreak", "poor soil" and "seedlings". Aging" three major reasons for production reduction.

  Starting from improving the formula of fertilizers and medicines, she experimented with a field, groping while doing it, and the problems were overcome one by one.

  With the output and the cultivation of autonomous seedlings, Zheng Yangxia's heart disease has disappeared, and the local farmers have more hope.

  The cultivator said: Zheng Yangxia:

  The general secretary has encouraged our science and technology commissioner so many times. As one of them, I feel very proud and feel a great responsibility.

When I saw my fellow villagers drooping their heads in the face of the rotten watermelon at the root, I was in a rush, and I only had one thought, "Rescue the watermelon here!" Although my research direction is not this, I must write this "thesis" well.

Fortunately, we won!

There will definitely be many problems in the future, but as long as we can do something practical for the people, we will try it no matter how difficult it is.

  Reporter's comment:

  Zhao Yafu, Cai Weiming, Zheng Yangxia, the three generations of scientific and technological workers, the epitome of the era of hundreds of thousands of science and technology commissioners.

  Shuttle through the mountains and forests and cultivate the countryside.

In 2021, their classes will be on the ground and their speeches will hang on the branches.

In the vast land, the power of science and technology has been deeply imprinted in every step of the prosperous China.

  A comprehensive victory in poverty alleviation has been achieved, and all 98.99 million rural poor people have been lifted out of poverty; a moderately prosperous society has been built in an all-round way, and the problem of absolute poverty has been solved historically; the "eighteen consecutive abundance" of food has been achieved, and the Chinese people's rice bowls have become more stable... This year, from The restoration and assistance of the agricultural industry has been supported in all fields of rural social development, and the background of the "three rural" boom is particularly gratifying.

  Science and technology commissioners are witnesses, participants, and contributors!

  On May 28, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the 10th National Congress of the China Association for Science and Technology of the Academicians Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the use of scientific and technological means to build a new model of targeted poverty alleviation, cultivate technology industries and cultivate scientific and technological talents for poverty-stricken areas, and technology is playing a role. It has played an important role in winning the battle against poverty.

  "If you want to be rich, find Yafu!" The common people know that wherever Zhao Yafu's agricultural science and technology projects go, he will be rich.

Strawberries, grapes, figs, organic rice... Zhao Yafu promotes one success and always "turns on a few lights to illuminate a large area".

  In Cai Weiming's heart, he was always in awe of "the job of a science and technology commissioner".

Many times, farmers do not dare to try new varieties, new technologies, and new achievements without seeing the effect.

Only by making real achievements can we bring technology and industry together.

  For Zheng Yangxia, the hardest part is on the road.

There are thousands of mountains, thousands of waters, and Liangshan, and it is already "difficult and difficult" just to go.

She also hesitated, but every time she thought about the life of the local villagers, the planting base and the long-awaited farmers, she could only choose to insist...

  Every science and technology commissioner has experienced their own difficulties and hardships.

  But they never gave up!

  Do it for farmers, lead farmers to work, and lead farmers to earn money-delivering agricultural high-tech and advanced and applicable technological achievements to people's homes, transforming more than 30,000 advanced and practical technologies every year on average!

  Pioneering: For the "Three Rurals", the original intention is not changed, and the road to the mission is wider

  ●From green agriculture to golden industry, how can the door to get rich be knocked steadily?

  ●From field teaching to "cloud" service, why is "smart kinetic energy" always present?

  ●Send technology and send "thinking", how to realize the modernization of people faster?

  Shot one:

  "Our products are sold to Hong Kong and Macau!"

  To say that farmers in Shaoyang, Hunan are particularly happy in 2021, this is definitely one thing.

  Tea oil is called "the king of oils" because of its rich nutrition.

Hunan is the main producing area of ​​Camellia oleifera, ranking first in the country in terms of area, output and output value.

Chen Yongzhong, chief expert of Camellia oleifera at Hunan Academy of Forestry Sciences, has been a science and technology commissioner in Shaoyang for 13 years.

When he first came into contact with camellia oleifera, it was a different situation.

  At that time, most farmers gave up camellia oleifera to plant other cash crops, and even some scientific researchers also changed their careers.

"You can only collect camellia oil once a year. Who is willing to do this 'loss-making' thing?" Chen Yongzhong understood that to change the backward appearance, not only must high-yield seeds be cultivated, but also practical methods must be developed.

  He started by fertilizing first.

Farmyard manure is hard to find, scattered and heavy.

Chen Yongzhong figured out the formula fertilization technology, and established the Camellia oleifera soil testing formula query system to provide technical advice for forest farmers on fertilization.

Over the years, he introduced the technology of high-yield and refined camellia oil to the countryside of Shaoyang, and the local people sighed: "I have lived for most of my life, and this is the first time I have seen this kind of fertilization. It's really efficient!"

  The camellia tree has become a "happy tree", which not only changes the income of the people, but also their perception of green agriculture.

  "In the past, if we wanted to increase production, we only knew that we could spread fertilizers. Now we are applying fertilizers scientifically, no more or no less." Today, the farmer Mo Tianqing is familiar with Camellia oleifera. The environment is in line with the national green development concept; the camellia oil extracted from the camellia fruit is natural, nutritious and healthy, and meets the needs of mass consumption upgrades.”

  The output has increased, but the traditional sun-dried hulling method is inefficient in oil extraction. "What should I do if the camellia fruit has a backlog and cannot be sold?" The farmers have a new "worry".

  The science and technology commissioner has far-reaching thoughts for the folks.

In October 2021, Chen Yongzhong's team "threading the needle", a fresh fruit primary processing production line with a daily processing capacity of 100 tons was completed and put into operation in Shaoyang, and the problem of "increasing production but not increasing income" was solved.

  Today, the "Xianglin Camellia" cultivated by Chen Yongzhong's team has spread over 4 million mu nationwide.

People are still those people, and the mountains are still the same mountains. Technology makes the flower of prosperity bloom even more prosperously!

  The cultivator said: Chen Yongzhong:

  Changing planting habits and methods is not an easy task.

For rural areas to become prosperous, a single industry is not enough. It is necessary not only to cultivate suitable farming, but also to cultivate suitable forests, as well as cultivate good seeds and cultivation methods, so as to discover golden industries from green agriculture.

Now, farmers have improved their awareness and broadened their horizons, and "organic" and "ecological" have become their "mantras".

The "golden poles" of modern agricultural science and technology, the more they pick, the better they are at hand.

  Shot two:

  "Mr. Su, the snow is freezing, and the buds are frozen. Is there any remedy?" "Mr. Su, what is the difference between Huang Jing pouring the seedlings and not pouring them?" ... Every morning, the senior agronomy of the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences As long as Shi Su Hailan opens the Fujian Science and Technology Commissioner's "Huinongxin" platform, help messages from all over the country will pop up "bang bang".

After answering them one by one, she will send key operational technical points to the work group and conduct remote guidance.

  Su Hailan is a "post-80s" science and technology commissioner who has been researching rare and precious Chinese herbal medicine, Qiye Yizhihua, for many years.

On the last day of 2021, she stood in front of the TV and listened to the New Year's message from President Xi Jinping.

"The eight words in President Xi's speech, 'hard work and perseverance', made my heart surging."

  At the end of February this year, the remaining snow on Jinggang Mountain in Jiangxi Province has not yet cleared, and Su Hailan, who helped across the province, hurried from Fuzhou, wrapped in a cotton jacket and went up the mountain to check the budding condition of the seven leaves and one flower.

She couldn't put it down in her heart, "This kind of herbal medicine is usually planted in winter and sprouted in spring. It is very susceptible to frost. If it freezes, it cannot be saved."

  Su Hailan, who is already a mother of two children, often jokes that Qiye Yizhihua is her third baby.

"She takes care of the seedlings more carefully than the children," said Yang Longguang of the Jinggangshan Forestry Bureau.

  There are many science and technology commissioners like Su Hailan who help across provinces.

There is no need to "send" when there is a need, and "go" when there is a demand. Regardless of the region or time, there is no limit to the world in which they help the "three rural".

With the application of mobile Internet and big data, accurate docking, "inquiry" on the cloud is becoming a new trend.

  The cultivator said, Su Hailan:

  The demand for technology in modern agriculture is "blowout", and the "workplace" of science and technology commissioners also needs to be extended from the field to "online", picking up mobile phones to provide remote services, online guidance, and instant problem solving for farmers anytime, anywhere.

With the acceleration of the pace of informatization, big data, cloud computing and agriculture have become more and more closely related, from "knowing seeds" to "wisdom seeds".

  Shot three:

  From downtown Hangzhou to Taishun County, Wenzhou City, it is 400 kilometers. On the map, it is almost a straight north-south line.

But it takes nearly 6 hours to drive down in one breath.

In 2021, Wang Ziqiang, a professor at the New Rural Development Institute of Zhejiang University, drove no less than 5 round trips on this road.

  In the driver's seat, the 65-year-old doesn't feel tired: "It is fun to integrate talents into the countryside through the help of technology!"

  After all, Wang Ziqiang has been a science and technology commissioner for 17 years.

Back then, in Taishun County, where he helped his counterpart, the people guarded one-third of an acre of land and cried bitterly, but their hands were idle and their minds were empty.

  "To get rid of poverty, farmers must not only rely on the development of agricultural technology, but also rely on their vision and ideas to find ways." Wang Ziqiang taught farmers to pick up a pen, write projects, create ideas together, and make agricultural products bigger and better.

  Advocate tea garden machines to replace people, explore the recovery technology of bayberry trees after typhoon damage, apply for QS certification for local honey, and study the development of tofu and firewood... "Whether vegetables, fruits or tea, no matter which link, Lao Wang can help. "Li Yuanzhong, the former deputy mayor of Shiyang Town, is full of gratitude.

  Yan Lichao is the "king of beekeepers" brought up by Wang Ziqiang. He said: "Others teach farmers to teach theories, and Mr. Wang thinks of ways to combine practice and teach us one-on-one." This year, Yan Lichao became Wang Ziqiang's "" "Get Rich Setter", the beekeeping cooperative he leads, connects more than 100 members and farmers, and radiates the entire beekeeping industry in Taishun.

  It has also been 3 years since the temporary party branch of Taishun County Science and Technology Commissioner was established. "Lao Wang" served as the secretary of the party branch. He established the "Science and Technology e-Link" characteristic party building alliance to give full play to the power of the organization and develop together.

  Today, the pockets of the villagers are getting bigger and bigger, and the annual income of some families has increased by 10 times!

  "Once the Communist Party of China was born, it established its original mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation." Wang Ziqiang will always remember these words of the general secretary.

  The need to become rich varies widely, and every branch is connected to a harvest and affluence.

"The science and technology commissioner should help farmers broaden their minds and remove the obstacles of 'mind poverty' on the road to rural revitalization. This is also our responsibility and mission as a member of the Communist Party and as a science and technology commissioner."

  The cultivator said: Wang Ziqiang:

  If you do not get rid of poverty spiritually, it is difficult to completely overcome poverty.

In 2021, with the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the technical fields and service scope of the science and technology commissioners will expand from traditional agriculture to facility agriculture, digital agriculture, ecological agriculture, economic management, marketing, and rural planning.

Farmers who "open up a new world" are using technological "factors" to activate traditional industries.

  Reporter's comment:

  Poverty alleviation first.

Have confidence, have ambition.

  From one person leading a group of rich people, to a group of people leading an industry, and then to an industry driving a party's economy.

The villagers are more motivated, their concepts are updated, and the methods and motivation to get rich naturally come to be.

  From accelerating the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements at the grass-roots level in rural areas, to promoting scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas; from driving farmers to increase their incomes and becoming rich, to opening up a broad space for the development of rural characteristic industries. new look-

  Zhejiang, explore the implementation of "1 person + 1 township" personal commissioner, "1 team + 1 industry" team commissioner and "1 family + 1 county" legal person commissioner;

  Hunan, based on the selection of county and district science and technology experts, and then appoints science and technology commissioners in the fields of medical and health care, industry, environmental protection, culture, tourism, e-commerce, and finance;

  Gansu took the lead in proposing and cooperating with eastern cooperating provinces and cities to identify "Double-district" science and technology commissioners to further enhance the "hematopoietic" function;

  Heilongjiang, using a variety of online service platforms, through "key-to-key" and "screen-to-screen", to help prepare for the spring ploughing campaign against the epidemic;


  After 22 years of science and technology commissioner system, Chen Yongzhong's remarks expressed everyone's heart: "It is such a good opportunity and policy environment that I have achieved my personal career ideal! As a member of the science and technology commissioner team , I am always excited and proud.”

  Indeed, can you not be excited?

Since 2012, the science and technology commissioner system has been written into the Central No. 1 document nine times.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Innovation is an important support for the overall revitalization of the countryside. We must adhere to the scientific and technological commissioner system as an important task for scientific and technological innovation talents to serve the rural revitalization and do a good job. The majority of scientific and technological commissioners must uphold their original aspirations and help science and technology help poverty alleviation. We will continue to make new and greater contributions in tackling fortifications and rural revitalization."





































































  结 语








  Thousands of them are turning the seeds of science and technology into thousands of layers of rice and wheat on the land of China, and they are turning their aspirations for national rejuvenation into the sonorous sound of strengthening agriculture and enriching the country!

  (Author: our newspaper reporting team, members of the reporting team: our reporters Cui Xingyi, Yang Shu, Zhan Yuan)