Of course, frozen cakes are delicious too.

But on certain occasions - a milestone birthday in the family, for example, or a special anniversary - a homemade cake is simply better.

It's not that difficult either, there are just a few small hurdles to overcome, such as setting the right baking time and removing the cake from the springform pan.

Baking paper is an indispensable helper here.

But then comes the real challenge: cutting the cake base into three parts to fill the inside of the cake with a delicious filling.

How are you supposed to do that when the floor is only a few centimeters thick?

Luise Glaser-Lotz

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the Main-Kinzig district.

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If the recipe author suggests dividing with a large knife, the cake baker is ill-advised, because that can literally go wrong.

Unevenly high or even broken cake slices are often the result.

With knife notch and string

But there is a simple trick to get three equal slices.

Everything you need can be found in every kitchen.

It is important that the cake base removed from the springform pan has cooled down completely.

Then you take a knife and place the tip at the height at which the first slice is to be cut off.

Insert the tip into the cake just about an inch, then carefully score a notch all the way around the cake.

Then place a long, strong piece of string in this notch all around, grasp the two ends and slowly pull the string through the soil.

The thread then cuts through the cake at the exact height specified by the knife notch.

With a spatula, the cake slice can now be carefully placed on a surface.

The rest of the soil is divided up in the same way.

Now the cream, the cream, the fruit mass or whatever calorie content can be distributed on the bases.

The cake is assembled and decorated on the outside.

Then put it in the fridge and watch out: Please don't drop the good piece, it would be a shame.