It happened in Lyon, in a park.

The mother was sitting on a bench, her baby in her arms, when a tree partially broke and fell on them.

The mother was hit in the pelvis and the baby in the head.

Both were hospitalized in “absolute emergency” but their days are not in danger, said a spokesperson for the town hall.

An alert threshold set at 70 km/h

A third person, more slightly injured, was taken care of by the firefighters.

The facts, initially reported by the


information site , took place around 4:30 p.m. at Tête d'Or park, where the wind was blowing at 20 km / h on average, 40 km / h peak, according to weather forecasts .

It had therefore not been closed - as often happens in the event of wind - because the alert threshold is set at 70 km / h in gusts, according to the town hall.

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