China News Agency, Moscow, April 14 (Reporter Tian Bing) The Russian Ministry of Defense reported late at night on the 14th local time that the missile cruiser "Moscow", which was severely damaged due to an explosion of ammunition, sank during the towing process to the port.

  TASS and other Russian media quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying that during the tow of the "Moscow" cruiser to the destination port, due to the damage to the hull caused by the explosion of ammunition, the ship lost its stability and sank in the wind and waves.

The Russian Defense Ministry added that the crew had previously been evacuated to other ships of the Black Sea Fleet nearby.

  The Russian Ministry of Defense announced earlier on the 14th that the local fire on the "Moscow" missile cruiser had been extinguished, the explosion of ammunition had stopped, and the crew had been evacuated.

The cruiser's ammunition exploded due to a fire, and the hull was severely damaged, but it could still maintain buoyancy. Its main missile weapon system was not damaged, and measures were being taken to tow the ship to the port. The cause of the fire is being further confirmed.

  Ukraine's Independent News Agency quoted Ukrainian officials as saying on the 13th that the Ukrainian army used missiles to severely damage the Russian cruiser "Moscow".

According to Ukrainian News Agency, the governor of Odessa Region, Marchenko, said on social media that the Ukrainian army launched a "Neptune" anti-ship missile that hit the "Moscow" and caused the ship to be shot and set on fire.

  The guided-missile cruiser "Moscow" is the flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet.

In 1983, the cruiser was named "Glorious" and entered service with the then Soviet Navy.

In 1996, the cruiser was renamed "Moscow".

The main attack weapon of the boat is 16 P-1000 "volcanic rock" anti-ship missiles.

  According to the governor of Russia's Bryansk region, Bogomaz, announced on the same day that about 100 houses in the Klimovo district of the state were damaged by the Ukrainian airstrike, and two of them were completely burned.

The Russian Investigative Committee said in a statement that a criminal case had been filed against the attack.

The Russian Federal Security Service's Bryansk Region Border Guard Bureau reported that the New Jurkovich road crossing in the state was attacked by Ukrainian mortars on the 13th, but no casualties were caused.

  Russia's Belgorod state governor Gladkov said on the 14th that a village in the state was shelled by the Ukrainian side, and houses were damaged, but no casualties were reported.

  Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Veresyuk said on social media on the 14th that Ukraine and Russia conducted the fourth exchange of detainees that day.