The G20 = the first ministerial-level meeting of the 20 major countries since Russia's military invasion of Ukraine will be held next week in Washington.

Regarding the Russian attendance, which is the focus, officials from Indonesia, the presidency, have announced that they will participate online, the Reuters news agency said.

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting will be held in Washington on the 20th of this month to discuss the impact of the situation in Ukraine on the world economy.

This is the first G20 ministerial-level meeting since Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, and the focus is on the attendance of the Russian side.

An official from the Indonesian Treasury, the presidency, said Russia's Finance Minister Anton Siluanov was expected to join online, Reuters reported.

A spokesman for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said at a press conference on the 14th, "Probably all member countries will attend the conference."

China will accept attendance, while the United States is in a position to exclude Russia from the G20.

As Russia's military invasion, in addition to the new Corona, poses a new challenge to the recovery of the global economy, G20 countries are expected to continue coordinating their response to Russia in preparation for the conference.

Brazil's leading newspaper “Russian government asks Brazilian government for support”

Brazil's leading newspaper, O Globo, reported on the 14th that the Russian government had officially sought support from the Brazilian government to attend the G20.

"O Globo" alleges that Russia's Finance Minister Siluanov has obtained an official letter to Brazil's Economic Minister Gezis ahead of the G20 next week.

Among them, the Russian side expressed strong dissatisfaction with economic sanctions such as the United States, saying that "almost half of foreign currency reserves have been frozen and trade with partners in emerging countries has been blocked."

He pointed out that "there is strong pressure on the Indonesian president not to let us attend the G20."

On the other hand, he said, "It is more important than ever to promote dialogue in a framework such as the G20," and asked the Brazilian government for cooperation so that Russia would not be excluded from international frameworks such as the G20. is.

There is no official reaction from the Brazilian government on this, but Brazil has indicated that it will maintain its economic relations with Russia without participating in economic sanctions in order to secure stable fertilizers that rely on imports from Russia.