China News Agency, New York, April 13. New York police arrested Frank James, the suspect in the Brooklyn subway station shooting, on the 13th.

  On the 12th, a shooting occurred at the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn, injuring at least 29 people, of which at least 10 were shot.

After the incident, the suspect fled the scene, and the police successively found the guns and ammunition, smoke bombs, fireworks and rented vans used by the suspect.

  NBC reported that after more than 20 hours of extensive manhunt, New York police captured James in Manhattan's East Village.

Police said clues provided by the crime prevention hotline helped them find the suspect.

Prosecutors said they had charged James with "committing terrorist activities on public transport."

  According to CNN, police data shows that James, a 62-year-old black man, has been arrested nine times in New York City on charges including possession of a theft tool and sex crimes.

He was also arrested three times in New Jersey.

  ABC reported that an investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives found that the pistol found at the scene of the shooting was purchased by James in 2011 at a pawnshop in Columbus, Ohio.

A Wisconsin fireworks company confirmed that James had purchased products from the company, which police believe are the fireworks found at the scene of the shooting.

  The ABC said police had information on at least one of James' credit cards and were therefore able to trace his spending history.

Surveillance video of the scene and surrounding areas can also confirm the physical characteristics of the suspect.

  The New York Times reported that the suspect's sister, Kathleen, said James had been "isolated all his life" and that they only communicated occasionally.

Catherine said the last time they spoke on the phone was years ago when their sister died of a heart attack.

Catherine believes that James has no mental problems, but they have experienced many ups and downs in their lives, and their mother died when James was 5 years old.

  The New York Times said police found many references to racism and violence on James' social media accounts, including content that demeaned black people, especially black women.

In a recent video released by James, New York Mayor Eric Adams expressed his dissatisfaction with the policy of cleaning up homeless people in subway stations on the grounds of improving safety.