In the southeastern part of South Africa, heavy rains since last week have caused flooding and landslides in various parts of the country, and local officials have announced that more than 250 people have died so far, raising concerns about further damage.

The area, including the port city of Durban in southeastern South Africa, has been experiencing intermittent heavy rains since last week, causing floods and landslides throughout the region.

In the footage from the site, you can see that many buildings and parts of the highway are submerged in water, and that the houses are damaged due to landslides.

In addition, the flood damage has extended to the facilities at the port, and according to Toyota Motor Corporation, the operation of the assembly plant in Durban has been suspended.

Under these circumstances, local officials announced on the 13th that 259 deaths have been confirmed so far in the state where Durban is located.

South African meteorological authorities are calling for continued caution against rain in Durban and elsewhere, and there are concerns about the spread of damage.

For southern Africa, such as South Africa, UN experts say that the effects of climate change are particularly serious "hotspots", with severe droughts, while some are becoming more prominent in heavy rains. increase.