Christian Estrosi has his idea to encourage politicians to explicitly call for an Emmanuel Macron ballot to be deposited in the ballot box during the second round of the presidential election.

The mayor of Nice, a former member of the Republicans who now support the outgoing president, proposed on Tuesday the constitution of a "government of republican union" which would include representatives of the parties having "clearly called for a vote" for the leader of the state.

“I hope that all those who have clearly called for Emmanuel Macron to vote (…) can participate in the conduct of the affairs of our country for the next five years”, he pleaded.

Referring to the "open governments" under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy (2012-2017), which had integrated left-wing personalities such as Frédéric Mitterrand, Bernard Kouchner or Fadela Amara, the mayor of Nice advocated such an openness.

A union without "misdirecting the spirit of the project" of Macron

But this should be done "without distorting the spirit of the project carried out" by Emmanuel Macron.

"When I say do not mislead, I am thinking of these markers which, if they were distorted, would endanger our social system, and in particular retirement at 65, a strong and structuring marker for the future, which certainly can be amended (…) but which we know is the only way that will allow us to preserve our pay-as-you-go pension system, ”said the elected representative of the Riviera.

In "a spirit of overcoming", such a government could integrate representatives of the Socialist Party, the Communist Party or environmentalists, whose candidates Anne Hidalgo, Fabien Roussel or Yannick Jadot called on Sunday evening to vote Emmanuel Macron to block Marine Le Pen.

The former Minister of Industry also cited the case of François Rebsamen, socialist mayor of Dijon, who would be "intended to play a role" in such a government team.

Similarly, "it would not shock me to have a representative of Mr. Jadot who, in terms of ecological transition, would make his ecological contribution".

Do not "close the door" to Mélenchon

Regarding Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who arrived third on Sunday at the end of the first round, Christian Estrosi admitted that he had "still said powerfully 'No Le Pen vote'": "I salute his firm attitude, but (... ) he also made it clear that he did not intend to be mixed up in Mr. Macron's program in one way or another”.

"But I'm not going to close the door," he added.

Finally referring to the position of the Republicans, his former political camp, the mayor of Nice considered that what "matters most to him is the voice of Nicolas Sarkozy", who has just called on Tuesday morning to vote for Emmanuel Macron, and not “that of the communiqué (of the party) which means nothing”.

In a motion passed by a large majority on Monday, LR estimated that "no vote can be cast on Marine Le Pen" in the second round of the presidential election, without calling for a vote for the outgoing head of state. .


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