The preliminary investigation against Martin Wannholt began in September 2021. According to information to SVT Nyheter Väst, Martin Wannholt has now been summoned for questioning on Friday and during this interrogation suspicion of embezzlement was served.

Martin Wannholt's lawyer, Allan Stutzinsky, tells SVT that Wannholt assumes that the case will be closed.

- Martin has asked several times to be heard and it has taken a very long time, which he thinks is unfortunate because he is a candidate in a democratic election and this affects the voters.

Now he has left a detailed story and assumes that the investigation will be closed, says Allan Stutzinsky.

Denies all allegations

Those behind the report claim that money for the company was paid into Wannholt's private bank account and never benefited the company.

They also believe that money should have been transferred from the company to people close to Martin Wannholt.

In total, these are millions.

Martin Wannholt himself denies all accusations and says that it is about political motives and that the reporters want him removed as party leader.

Additional information

The preliminary investigation has been supplemented with new information.

The fact that Martin Wannholt was summoned for questioning only on Friday must, however, have meant that some of the cases that the report includes must have become statute-barred.

- I think it is positive that he was notified but I am at the same time disappointed that it took so long, it has contributed to this statute of limitations, says Erik Andersson one of those behind the report and who took over the ownership of Brasilteca after Martin Wannholt.

Investigation continues

Now the preliminary investigation continues and then a decision awaits whether Wannholt will be prosecuted or not.

SVT Nyheter Väst has searched for Martin Wannholt without success on Wednesday, but as recently as last week he said this to one of SVT's reporters:

- I look forward to the preliminary investigation, I have said that before.

This bullshit has lasted for several months and it is a pity that the police should be charged with it.

But we hope it will be resolved soon.

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Start the clip to see SVT's reporter Magnus Dennert explain the tours in the case of Martin Wannholt's (D) Brazil deals which are now under investigation.

Photo: SVT