Six years ago, a Japanese female college student who was studying abroad in France lost his whereabouts, and a former Chilean dating partner who was accused of murder was sentenced to 28 years in prison. Appealed the ruling.

In this case, Aiumi Kurosaki, a student at the University of Tsukuba, disappeared in Besancon, eastern France, where she studied abroad in 2016. I was asked.

French court officials said Sepeda, based on circumstantial evidence that Mr. Kurosaki had eaten at a restaurant with Defendant Sepeda just before he went missing, and disappeared after returning to the dormitory where he lived. After prosecuting the defendant, the court sentenced him to 28 years in prison on the 12th.

Defendant Sepeda has consistently pleaded not guilty in the trial, and after the judgment, Defendant Sepeda's lawyer said, "We will consider dealing with the defendant in consultation," according to AFP news agency on the 13th. , I have appealed.

From now on, it will be heard at the Court of Appeals, which is the Japanese High Court in Besancon.

In this case, French judicial authorities made an international arrangement for Sepeda on suspicion of murder based on circumstantial evidence, and Sepeda was handed over to France in July by Chilean authorities who had returned home immediately after the incident and was charged. Was there.