Covid-19 in India: Government launches third dose vaccine campaign

In India, the government has just launched the Covid-19 vaccination reminder campaign for the entire adult population, with the aim of avoiding a resumption of the epidemic.

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In India, the second most populous country in the world, the government has just launched the vaccination reminder campaign against Covid-19 for the entire adult population, with the aim of avoiding a resumption of the epidemic.

Approximately 800 million people are therefore now eligible to receive this third dose;

but unlike other doses, this injection is currently paying for the majority of the population.


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With our correspondent in New Delhi


Sébastien Farcis

It is 2 p.m. in the south of New Delhi, it is over 40 degrees and a dozen cars purr, engines running, in front of a marquee erected at the Moolchand hospital.

Here, patients get vaccinated from inside their air-conditioned vehicle.

A service that attracts the wealthiest, like this thirty-something businessman: “ 

I don't have time.

I work, and this formula is comfortable and fast.

Even if you have to pay, it's convenient. 


Unlike the first two, there is indeed a charge for the booster dose: the private Moolchand hospital bills it for 680 rupees, or 8 euros.

It is the equivalent of a day's work for an Indian worker.

For now, the government only provides a free third dose for people over 60 and for health and police personnel.

Less than a thousand daily cases of Covid-19


My last injection was 10 months ago, so I'm already behind on my booster.

I have to go to the office regularly, so I'm very careful.

This booster dose should be compulsory for everyone 

”, explains Raman Shabra, 42 years old and who did not hesitate to do the booster.

India is registering less than 1,000 daily cases of Covid-19 these days, the lowest rate since the start of the pandemic.

But contaminations are starting to increase again in New Delhi.

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