On April 9, local time, the Chinese embassy in the United States held a special event "Connecting Heaven and Earth".

The youth representatives from the United States and the Chinese Shenzhou 13 astronauts who were in space had a "cross-world" dialogue.

  American teenagers are very interested in the life of Chinese astronauts in space.

"How do they eat on the space station?" "How do they drink water?" "How do they exercise?" "Can they jump high?" "What are the challenges?" "How to become an astronaut?"...

  For these questions, the three Chinese astronauts on the space station sent back "signals" from space.

The astronauts can touch the roof of the warehouse by jumping gently, the droplets of water suspended when drinking water, and the food that will fly when eating, etc., all aroused the audience's amazement.

  The Chinese astronauts also shared their experiences with young Americans who have the dream of being an astronaut. One is to exercise and maintain a strong body; the other is to learn all kinds of knowledge so that they can control the spacecraft and the space station.

  When asked about his "leisure" activities in the space capsule after work, astronaut Zhai Zhigang said that he likes to admire the beautiful earth from the hanging window the most.

(Reporter Sha Hanting’s video comes from the Chinese Embassy in the United States)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]