The Hessian police carried out a large-scale raid against more than 50 people suspected of sexually abusing children and distributing child pornography.

As the Hessian State Criminal Police Office (LKA) announced on Monday, the suspects' apartments were searched throughout Hesse, 15 people were questioned, and a total of 626 seizures were made, including data carriers.

As the authority further announced, the aim of the campaign was "to combat sexual violence against children and young people, to prevent further abuse and to identify the perpetrators".

The 55 suspects aged up to 62 are specifically charged with sexual abuse of children and young people or the acquisition, possession and distribution of child and young person pornography.

Apartments and other properties were searched in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Kassel, Marburg and Gießen as well as in the districts of Main-Taunus, Hochtaunus, Main-Kinzig, Lahn-Dill and in the Wetteraukreis, Gießen, Fulda, Hersfeld-Rotenburg and Limburg districts -Weilburg, Offenbach, Kassel and Waldeck-Frankenberg.

A total of 45 computers and laptops, 147 smartphones, 31 USB sticks, 276 CDs and DVDs and 127 other "crime-specific items" were seized.

"When it comes to sexualized violence against children and young people, everyone is asked," says Ina Kasperski, who is responsible for youth prevention at the State Criminal Police Office.

It is not possible for children to end sexual abuse on their own.

"It is all the more important that parents, teachers, educators and other adults support affected children, get advice and inform the police." Only then could the law enforcement authorities take action.

Around 250 emergency services from the special investigation group "BAO Focus" were involved in the campaign.

The police have been registering increasing numbers of child pornography cases for years.

Specially trained investigators are now working in all Hessian police headquarters to investigate suspected cases.

The police advise contacting these contacts, even if there is a vague suspicion.

According to Ina Kasperski, listening carefully often helps.

"Only in rare cases do children invent crimes committed against them."