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Will Smith

's Slap

Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars gala has gone from being his condemnation to becoming, moreover, the key that

has opened Pandora's box

in which criticism and negative comments about the actor have been accumulating for years, who, in the recent weeks, have been recovered to be

examined with a magnifying glass.

This is what has happened with the video in which

Jada Pinkett Smith,

the actor's wife and co-star of the ceremony scandal, reveals that

she was forced to marry

the father of her children.

It was in 2018 on the Red Table Talk program where the artist was honest about how she became the wife of the protagonist of

Soy Leyenda.

The space in question is

the family program

in which the Smith family has been publicly speaking for years about some

intimate details about their lives.

A kind of round table in which different members of the family participate and that, that time, had the presence of Will and his mother, who attended Jada's confession in astonishment.

She "was under a lot of pressure, she was a young actress, she was pregnant and didn't know what to do,

but she never wanted to get married."

At that time, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Smith's mother, assured that "yes, I remember having a strong desire for you to get married and that

you were sick, you were not cooperative at all"

but wanted to make it clear that "I do not remember your rejection to the idea of ​​marriage.

For his part, the actor assured that

he had always dreamed of doing it,

"since I was five years old I imagined what my family would be like, there was not a day in my life that I did not want to be married and with a family."

A video that does not help the Oscar winner for

The Williams Method

, who since he attacked Chris Rock 15 days ago, has lost respect and affection from the public and also from colleagues.

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