Victor Chabert (on site), edited by Solène Leroux 7:12 p.m., April 11, 2022

Marine Le Pen went to Yonne on Monday, with a visit on the themes of purchasing power and agriculture.

A way for the qualified candidate in the second round to get her hands on one of her favorite subjects, while Emmanuel Macron was at the same time on RN land, in the North.

Operation conquest in Yonne for Marine Le Pen, who begins her campaign between the two towers with a visit devoted to agriculture and purchasing power.

While his competitor for the second round of the presidential election Emmanuel Macron spoke about the price increase, Marine Le Pen does not intend to have his flagship theme stolen.

This visit is really an opportunity for Marine Le Pen to hammer home her measures for purchasing power, in particular the reduction in VAT on energy, such as petrol, gas or even fuel oil.

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A trip also to propose emergency measures to fight against inflation.

"There is another dark cloud coming over the heads of the French," predicted the candidate, that of "food price inflation".

According to her, "we must at all costs consider the implementation of a basket of 100 food and hygiene products with zero VAT".

One trip per day until the second round

Marine Le Pen took advantage of this visit to rural France to meet Emmanuel Macron, who was in the "Marinist" stronghold of Denain in the North on Monday.

"Let him go to Denain to see the consequences of five years of his policy, since Denain is one of the poorest towns in France", began Marine Le Pen.

"I hope he will come out of it with the awareness that his policy has done a lot of harm and that purchasing power is an absolute priority for millions of French people who can no longer cope."

The RN candidate assures her, this improvised trip is not a reaction to that of Emmanuel Macron.

His team promises at least one trip a day until the second round.