From the small village to the Party Central Committee, from the Party branch secretary of the rural brigade to the general secretary of the Party, Xi Jinping has always cherished his home and country and devoted himself to the people.

  Deeply rooted in the people, always believing in the people; infinitely loving the people, determined to benefit the people; relying closely on the people, uniting and leading the people... Xi Jinping's people's feelings are deep, strong, and warm.

  On April 10, Xinhua News Agency released the newsletter "Xi Jinping's Feelings of the People", which recounted the touching story between General Secretary Xi Jinping and the people.

From these stories, we can feel the strong feelings of the people of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

[This is an action only for old farmers]

In 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the voluntary tree planting activities in the capital, and in 1989, Xi Jinping, then the secretary of the Ningde Prefectural Party Committee, led the cadres of the prefectural government to participate in voluntary labor.

  On October 21, 2021, Dongying, Shandong Province, the mouth of the Yellow River.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was inspecting here, walked into a demonstration field, leaned over and picked a bean pod, twisted it in a pinch, carefully inspected the color, put a soybean in his mouth, and chewed carefully: "The bean grows very well. "

  This scene made Luo Shouyu, the person in charge of agricultural technology on the side, both surprised and kind: "This is an action only for old farmers."

  The background of labor has created the true character of serving the people: in 2012, Fuping stepped on the snow and crossed the legs on the kang; in 2018, we visited Wenchuan, and turned to grind beans; in 2019, the capital planted trees, carried shovels and shoveled soil...

  The inadvertent natural reveal reflects the people's feelings that have not changed over the years.

["Serving the People", Xi Jinping loved it]

  This feeling has accumulated red genes.

  On June 25, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping led comrades from the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to the Red Building of Peking University.

  In the exhibition hall, General Secretary Xi Jinping watched carefully in front of the original copy of "New Youth" magazine, which published Li Dazhao's famous essay "The Victory of the Common People".

  From "an independent movement for the vast majority of the people for the benefit of the vast majority" to "the victory of the common people", the revolutionary pioneers profoundly pointed out the historical inevitability that our cause "will always exist".

  Recalling that year, the kang head of Liangjiahe cave was like a bean: "Serving the People" was just a few hundred words, and Xi Jinping couldn't put it down; "The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountains" and "In Memory of Bethune" are often learned and new, and their beliefs are shining.

[The moment the door was opened, Xi Jinping shed tears]

On February 13, 2015, Xi Jinping returned to Liangjiahe to visit his parents and fellow villagers.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lan Hongguang

  On February 13, 2015, "The Son of Yellow Earth" returned home.

  The old friend of that year held the hand of General Secretary Xi Jinping, still so cordial.

The general secretary can still call out their nicknames one by one, "At that time, I forged a fate with Liangjiahe Village, and I was destined to meet you today."

  On the morning of leaving Liangjiahe 40 years ago, the yard was crowded with folks who saw him off early, and everyone waited for him to get up without saying a word.

The moment he opened the door, Xi Jinping burst into tears.

  Every detail in Liangjiahe that year touched the heart of young Xi Jinping.

  When they went to eat, the educated youth's corn dumplings were yellow, and the fellow said, "This is real food." Seeing that the fellow's chaff dumplings were much worse, Xi Jinping took the initiative to eat them.

  The bran dumplings are low in calories, and Xi Jinping is so hungry that he can't stand it anymore. He opens the villager's rice bun, and the corn dumplings are still there: "Why don't you eat corn dumplings?"

  "The men and children in the kiln suffer more, so keep it for them to eat."

  Knowing the hardships of the common people, he carried a heavy burden.

["They have helped me selflessly and protected me"]

  Back then, in Liangjiahe, a brigade had to accept more than 30 educated youths who had a big appetite.

  Xi Jinping said: "I am hungry, and the villagers cook for me; my clothes are dirty, and the villagers wash me; my trousers are torn, and the villagers sew for me." "They have helped me selflessly and protected me. I, especially with their honest and down-to-earth qualities, influenced me and nurtured my soul."

  Knowing the goodness of the people, he cares about them from the bottom of his heart.

[Recalling his father's words, Xi Jinping is full of affection]

On September 14, 2021, Xi Jinping inspected the old site of the CPC Suide Prefectural Committee.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren

  In September 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was inspecting Yulin, Shaanxi, came to the former site of the CPC Suide Prefectural Committee.

  In the exhibition hall, a line of words is particularly eye-catching: "Sit your butt on this side of the common people".

  "Duan Duandi, this is Guanzhong dialect, steady and upright." Recalling the hometown dialect spoken by his father Xi Zhongxun, General Secretary Xi Jinping is full of affection.

[Secretary Xi pulls the people who go to the market to do a survey]

In 1983, Xi Jinping, the then secretary of the Zhengding County Party Committee in Hebei (center in the front row), temporarily set up a table on the street to listen to the opinions of ordinary people.

Xinhua News Agency

  In the 1980s, Xi Jinping began to take up local leadership positions as secretary of the Zhengding County Party Committee.

The style of this young cadre is refreshing.

  "Secretary Xi never sits idle in the office."

  The cadre of the county party committee office recalled that Xi Jinping often led the county party committee staff to conduct investigations, "especially when choosing a large fair in the county seat, he set up a table on the street and dragged the people who came to the market to do the investigation."

The door of the county party committee is always open, and the old peasant carrying the dung basket went straight in to talk to Xi Jinping.

[These old sayings, Xi Jinping recited and realized]

  This feeling is rooted in traditional culture.

  In March 2021, on the banks of the Jiuqu River in Wuyi Mountain, General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into the Zhuxi Garden.

  "The country is based on the people, and the community is also built for the people"... On the walls of the garden, Zhu Xi's classic exposition of the people's thought, General Secretary Xi Jinping stopped and stared at it for a long time.

  In June 2018, he presided over the collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. General Secretary Xi Jinping quoted this old saying.

  Adhering to the self-confidence of culture, General Secretary Xi Jinping thought deeply about activating traditional culture and realizing the ideal of benefiting the people for thousands of years——

  In northern Shaanxi, he was deeply touched by the misery of the people, and he pondered Fan Zhongyan's famous phrase "the world's worries and worries, and the world's joys and joys";

  When riding a bicycle to the countryside in Zhengding, he realized Zheng Banqiao's heartfelt voice: "I'm a little Caozhou county official, and every branch and every leaf always cares about love";

  Visiting the poor in Ningde, he recalled the measures taken by Feng Menglong, the magistrate of Shouning County, for the people, and was familiar with the aphorisms in the "Three Words";

  When he was sleeping at night in Beijing, he repeatedly quoted the proverb in "Shangshu": "The people are the foundation of the state, and the foundation is solid and the state is peaceful";


  The new origins are related to each other, and the reasoning is inherited.

This people's feelings are rooted in historical China, so they are profound and lofty.

[The image of a Communist Party member is deeply engraved in Xi Jinping's heart]

In March 2014, Xi Jinping visited the Memorial Hall of Comrade Jiao Yulu.

Xinhua News Agency

  In February 1966, Xinhua News Agency broadcast a long-form newsletter "The Role Model of the Secretary of the County Party Committee - Jiao Yulu".

In the politics class, the teacher read this article and choked up while reading it. Xi Jinping and his classmates also burst into tears while listening to it.

  "Whether I went to the mountains and the countryside, went to university, joined the army, or did leadership work, the image of Comrade Jiao Yulu has always been in my heart," said the general secretary.

  This good cadre with all the people in his heart, but not himself, "has always been my role model."

  Wrote "Nian Nujiao, Remembering Jiao Yulu", expressing the long-cherished wish of "serving as an official and benefiting one party"; went to Lankao to investigate and guide the party's mass line education and practice activities, and proposed "what kind of spiritual wealth should we leave to future generations"; with the county party committee The students of the secretary training class discussed and called to be the secretary of the county party committee in the style of Jiao Yulu...

  Jiao Yulu's deep love has turned into Xi Jinping's passion for the people.

[This taste makes the general secretary frown tightly]

  In 2013, on the 23rd lunar new year of the twelfth lunar month, it was extremely cold in Gudui Village, Dingxi, Gansu Province.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into the dilapidated and low adobe house of the villager Ma Gang's house, scooped up a ladle of water from the water tank at the base of the wall, tasted it, and the taste of the brackish water made him frown.

  "The party and the government will care and help everyone. Let's work together to make life more prosperous." The general secretary said to the villagers.

  Drinking a scoop of water, tastes the joys and sorrows of the people; touching the kang quilt, feeling the warmth of the villagers; lifting the lid of the pot, knowing that the people are hungry and full...

["I'm very afraid that this good thing will not be done well, and I will not be able to pay the people's account in the end"]

  After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping traveled through mountains and rivers, traveled through 14 concentrated and contiguous destitute areas, and investigated poverty alleviation work more than 50 times. carried on the shoulders.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping often said: "If the villagers don't get rid of poverty for a day, I can't relax for a day." "I'm very afraid that this good thing will not be done well, and in the end, it will not be able to pay the people and history."

  In the depths of Taihang, walk along the icy road into the low mud house of Luotuowan Village, greet the cold, and encourage the villagers to "as long as you have confidence, the loess will turn into gold";

  In the hinterland of Wuling, I stayed in the three dark wooden houses in Shiba, holding the old man's hand and saying kindly: "I am the servant of the people";

  In the Dabie Mountains, I changed three modes of transportation to Dawan Village in Jinzhai, and read the poverty alleviation manual of Wang Nengbao, a poor householder, page by page, emphasizing that "don't forget the people of the old area";


  The deepest love for the masses has been transformed into the heaviest commitment, the toughest measures, and the greatest investment, and a magnificent anti-poverty struggle has been spread across the land of China.

[New Year's Eve, General Secretary Xi Jinping can't sleep at night]

  At the beginning of 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic was raging.

On New Year's Eve, General Secretary Xi Jinping can't sleep at night.

  Hearing that the medical staff died in the line of duty, he felt "very heavy", and was very relieved that the patient's condition had improved. He instructed the responsible comrades of the steering group to "call me directly if you have any situation or need"... In epidemic prevention and control In the most critical days, the general secretary always cared about the safety of the masses.

  From a baby born just over 30 hours old to an elderly person over 100 years old, every life is fully protected, and human life, human value and human dignity are carefully cared for.

  "In order to protect people's lives, we can do anything!" The general secretary's words were heavy.

[General Secretary Xi Jinping likes "Brother Express"]

On February 1, 2019, Xi Jinping visited the "courier boy" who was still working in Qianmen Stone Hutong, Beijing.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ye

  At the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, a five-star red flag was passed in the hands of more than 100 ordinary Chinese.

"The courier boy" Liu Kuo is one of them.

  Three years ago, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Liu Kuo and his colleagues met General Secretary Xi Jinping who came to visit them at the Qianmen Stone Hutong express delivery station in Beijing.

  I heard that everyone can only go home in their 30s. The general secretary said that the "courier boy" works very hard. He wakes up early and stays late, rain or shine, and the more holidays are, the busier he is. Like a hard-working little bee, he is the hardest worker and lives for everyone. brought convenience.

[The general secretary has grassroots front-line workers in his heart]

  In every word and deed, the general secretary has the grass-roots front-line workers in his heart and cherishes every contribution from everyone.

  At the construction site, I had a cordial conversation with the migrant workers, emphasizing "more care and love for the migrant workers"; at the taxi company, asked the "brother" and "sister" for solutions to the difficulty of taxiing during the New Year; at the cleaning station, Praise the sanitation workers as the city's "beauticians"...

  For the happiness of the people, we will go all out to achieve it, long for it at night, and spare no effort to achieve it.

[A photo of the general secretary touched countless Chinese people]

The conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was grandly held in Beijing. Xi Jinping and others applauded and congratulated the commended persons.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng

  On December 18, 2018, at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was sitting in the front row of the podium, stood up and turned around, and took the lead in applauding and congratulating the representatives of outstanding contributors to reform and opening up who were commended in the back area of ​​the podium. .

  The reporter's camera freezes this moment that has always touched people's hearts.

This is a tribute to heroes and models, but also a tribute to the people.

[Take 20 minutes to learn about local development from a village party secretary]

  At the deliberation site of the National People's Congress in 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping spent 20 minutes learning about the local development from a village party secretary.

  "How many months in the fattening period of cattle and sheep", "How many people in the village party committee", "What crops to grow", "How to develop aquaculture"... The general secretary opened the question, and the secretary of the party committee of Dashijia Village, Guide County, Qinghai was crushed by Bi Shengzhong. answer.

  In a sparrow-like on-site investigation, General Secretary Xi Jinping's vision touched every corner of grassroots governance.

Asking such a detailed question is precisely because we know that "in front of the people, we will always be primary school students, and we must consciously worship the people as teachers."

[Two sessions in ten years, listening to speeches from about 400 representatives]

  From 2013 to 2022, during the ten-year national two sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation and discussion of the delegation 53 times, listened to the speeches of about 400 representatives and members, and discussed the country's good and gathered wisdom with everyone.

  "Where does the right path come from? It comes from the masses." The people's thoughts and hopes are embedded in the general secretary's mind and integrated into the top-level design of national development.

【In order to draft the "14th Five-Year Plan" proposal, 7 thematic symposiums were held】

  September 17, 2020, Changsha, Hunan, Jiusuo Hotel.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping specially invited grass-roots representatives to listen to everyone's opinions and suggestions on the formulation of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

  Among them are rural teachers, migrant workers, freight drivers, and large grain farmers.

Everyone, you talk to me, talk about difficulties and pain points, and propose solutions.

  "The people are rich in wisdom and infinite creativity. Everyone speaks very vividly and is in line with reality." General Secretary Xi Jinping asked relevant parties to study and absorb them carefully.

  Pan Jiuren participated in the symposium on "sticking to the soil with dewdrops and steaming hot", and he proposed to the general secretary "strengthening the construction of rural teachers".

Now, a new teacher has come to the central primary school in Tashan Yao Township, Hunan Province, where he is located, and the teaching force has been strengthened.

  In order to draft the "14th Five-Year Plan" proposal, from July to September of that year, General Secretary Xi Jinping held seven symposiums in succession to listen to various voices; for the first time, he conducted "online questions" on the formulation of the five-year plan, and more than 100 messages were posted online. Ten thousand.

  The people's leaders are humble and sincere, arouse the people's sense of ownership as masters of the country, and gather the wisdom of hundreds of millions of people.

[The general secretary praises the young volunteers]

  During the Spring Festival two years ago, Xie Xiaoyu, who went home from vacation, caught up with the epidemic and took the initiative to sign up to become the youngest volunteer in Wuhan Donghu New Town Community, running errands for nearly 200 residents to buy food, medicine, and express delivery.

  On March 10, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping met with Xie Xiaoyu and representatives of grassroots police, doctors at health service stations, and sinking cadres in Wuhan.

After listening to Xie Xiaoyu's report, the general secretary was deeply touched: "In the past, some people said that they were the Jiao Di Di generation, but now, they have become the main force in the front line of anti-epidemic."

[In the mind of the general secretary, the people are above everything else, and life is more important than Mount Tai]

  On the way to Africa, he demanded that the case of Changsheng Biological Vaccine in Jilin Province be "investigated to the end and held accountable"; on the way to Europe, he learned that there was an explosion in Xiangshui, Jiangsu, and stressed that "all efforts should be made to rescue and search for the trapped people"; During the inspection of Tibet, always pay attention to the heavy rain disaster in Henan...

  When people's lives are in danger, they always feel the same way and make important instructions and demands immediately.

  "In the face of protecting people's lives, we must do whatever it takes, and we can do whatever it takes."

In the mind of the general secretary, the people are above everything else, and life is more important than Mount Tai.

[The affairs of the people are the major things in the mind of the general secretary]

  As big as life safety, as small as firewood, rice, oil and salt, it is a major event in the mind of the general secretary.

  "Toilet revolution", garbage sorting, cleaning and heating, protecting students' eyesight, improving service quality in nursing homes, and strengthening food safety supervision... The "little troubles" that plague the people are placed on the general secretary's desk and recorded in the general secretary's heart. Items are included in the agenda of important central meetings, and they have become the focus and force of reform time and time again, changing the lives of the people little by little.

  "Zhongnanhai must always have direct access to the people, and we must always put the people in our hearts." General Secretary Xi Jinping said.

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