When Russian troops withdrew from the Kyiv area last week, the world media, including SVT, were able to cable up shocking images of hundreds of murdered civilians in the suburb of Butja.

SVT's experienced team Bengt Norborg and Emil Larsson together have 60 years of experience from reporting in conflict areas.

They describe the experiences from Butja as horrible, cold and long days.

- You were on full swing.

We gave everything we had to be able to capture what happened and then I did not have time to feel so much, but now that we are home there is a lot of crying in the body, says photographer Emil Larsson.

"Could not hold camera"

One of the most unpleasant scenes they encountered was in a basement room where several dead civilians were found, and who had apparently been subjected to gross violence and torture.

Photographer Emil Larsson talks about the steps down into the house.

- I did not really understand what was waiting down there, it was not possible to keep the camera still because it was just black and horrible, he says.

There is no more important foreign journalism to do than to publish the pictures and show the real face of the war, explains Bengt Norborg, who says that they will soon return.

- I see it as incredibly privileged to try to get through the terrible media noise that the world is exposed to, says Bengt Norborg.

See Emil Larsson's and Bengt Norborg's report from Butja below.

Warning for very shaky images.

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Warning for very unpleasant images.

Photo: Emil Larsson / SVT