The figures of the Central Bank of Tunisia showed that the dinar fell yesterday, Friday, to its lowest level against the US dollar in 3 years, exceeding 3 dinars per dollar.

The figures revealed that the dollar traded against 3.003 dinars.

The decline of the Tunisian dinar threatens to erode foreign exchange reserves during a severe financial crisis facing the country.

A Tunisian delegation is scheduled to travel to Washington this April to hold talks with the International Monetary Fund.

Tunisia hopes to reach an agreement with the IMF to obtain a loan of about 4 billion dollars in return for implementing unpopular reforms, to avoid the collapse of its public finances.

While the UGTT has rejected the proposed reforms and threatened a nationwide strike, the government says it has no choice but to reach an agreement with the IMF.

In recent months, international rating agencies downgraded Tunisia's sovereign rating;

This reduced her chances of borrowing from the global debt markets.

The IMF said in late March that reducing Tunisia's budget deficit was necessary, including controlling wages and rationalizing commodity subsidies.

Tunisia's budget this year is expected to record 8.5% of GDP, up from 7.8% in 2021.