The man led both small businesses and finance companies behind the light and came to a total of several million kronor, according to the ruling in Nyköping District Court.

In short, his deception was that he pretended to sell subscriptions to electronic driving records and other products.

Manipulated agreement

But instead of paying for the subscriptions, the first 36 months would be free, it was stated in the agreement.

But once the customer was to leave his signature, the man had exchanged the agreement for one where the conditions were completely different.

Then it could instead be about monthly costs of 10,000 kronor with a binding period of 60 months.

The agreements were then suddenly worth large sums of money and the man could then go to finance companies to get out hundreds of thousands of kronor per agreement.

Private debt

According to the man, this was an imaginary business idea and he used some of the money to pay a private debt to the Swedish Enforcement Agency.

But he denies wrongdoing on all seven counts.

The man is now sentenced to two years in prison for gross fraud.

In addition, he must pay damages of SEK 2.5 million.

In addition, the man is sentenced to a ban on business for three years.