A video message was released stating that former President Park Geun-hye supports lawyer Yoo Young-ha who is challenging the mayor of Daegu.

The Democratic Party publicly criticized former Chief of Staff Roh Young-min and former President Song Young-gil, who declared that they were running for local elections by Park Ji-hyeon, the vice chairman of the Democratic Party.

News from the political world, reporter Kang Cheong-wan compiled it.

<Reporter> This

is a video message of former President Park Geun-hye posted on her YouTube channel by Attorney Young-ha Yoo.

He appealed for the support of Attorney Yoo, who ran for Daegu Mayor, the People's Strength, as the person who shared the most difficult and painful times in the past five years.

[Park Geun-hye / Former President: I have not been able to achieve all the dreams I wanted to achieve, but I believe that Candidate Yoo will make it come true on my behalf here in Daegu.]

This is the first political message in 5 years and 1 month since I left the Blue House due to impeachment.

There were also criticisms of bringing private relationships into the party's primary, but rivals within the party are in an atmosphere of pain.

[Kim Jae-won / Former Chief of the People's Power: Attorney Young-ha Yoo has a very sad heart and I think he expressed his personal feelings about him.]

Rep. Hong Jun-pyo pointed out that the presidential election was changed to a former president's arm.

[Hong Jun-pyo / People's Power Rep.: It's a bit inappropriate.

(In what way do you see it as inappropriate?) It's up to you reporters to decide.]

In the Democratic Party, co-chairman Park Ji-hyeon poured out criticism of his intentions.

[Park Ji-hyun / Democratic Party Co-Chairman: Those who disappointed the people with real estate problems registered preliminary candidates.

The former party leader who stepped down to take responsibility for the loss in the presidential election also registered as a candidate.

Is our Democratic Party the right party to lose the election?


It was aimed directly at the presidential candidate Roh Young-min, who caused controversy by 'selling the Cheongju house instead of the Seoul Banpo-jip' when he was the chief of the presidential secretary, and Song Young-gil, the former president of Seoul, who ran for mayor despite criticism from inside and outside the party.

As the local elections in June approach, internal competition and conflicts are escalating between the two big parties.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-gi, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, source: YouTube channel 'Young-ha TV')