China News Service, April 8. According to a report by the Chinese website of the United States, in recent decades, most colleges and universities in the United States have adopted an affirmative approach in admissions, which has limited the number of Asian students admitted to a certain extent.

On Thursday (7th), the Students for Fair Admissions Association (SFFA) and a number of community agencies held a press conference in Flushing, New York, to explain the harm of affirmative action to Asian Americans, and to introduce them in the Supreme Court against this. A case of litigation progress.

  Students for Fair Admissions filed separate lawsuits against Harvard and North Carolina on November 14, 2014.

During the proceedings, Bloom, president of the Association for Students for Fair Admissions, learned that during the admissions process at Harvard, Asian-American students had excellent grades in both cultural exams and participation in extracurricular activities; Weak in points and overall scores.

Harvard University, on the other hand, has a stricter racial admissions ratio.

  Bloom also gave an example that a student under the same conditions is 25% likely to be admitted to Harvard as an Asian, 36% for a white, 77% for Hispanic, and as high as 95% for an African.

Similarly, Asian Americans need to score 25 points higher than whites, 154 points higher than Hispanics, and 218 points higher than African Americans to be admitted to Harvard University.

Based on test scores alone, Asian-American admissions should be around 50 percent.

(Guo Yi)