China News Agency, Tianjin, April 6th (Yang Ziyang and Sun Lingling) The reporter learned from Tianjin University on the 6th that Yu Guocong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a famous chemical expert, and a professor of Tianjin University, died in Tianjin at 12:00 on April 6, 2022 due to ineffective treatment. , at the age of 100.

  Yu Guocong was born in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province in November 1922. He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Southwest United University in 1943. Since 1945, he has studied for a master's degree and a doctorate degree at the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, he taught at the University of Pittsburgh and was elected in 1950. The List of American Scientists, who returned to the motherland in the summer of the same year, was one of the first scholars to return from the United States.

In 1952, he worked in the Chemical Engineering Department of Tianjin University, and in 1953, he joined the China Association for the Promotion of Democracy.

In 1991, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  Yu Guocong is the founder of China's rectification and separation discipline, the pioneer of modern industrial rectification technology, and the pioneer of chemical separation engineering science. He has been engaged in chemical separation science and engineering research for a long time. Systematic, pioneering work.

  Yu Guocong is an outstanding educator in China and one of the first batch of doctoral tutors in China. He has been teaching and educating people in the front line of teaching for many years. He has trained nearly 100 doctoral and master students, and has sent a large number of professionals to the chemical industry in China.