In light of the soaring energy prices triggered by Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the British government has announced a new energy plan centered on the construction of up to eight new nuclear power plants.

The plan was announced by the British government by the 7th in light of rising demand due to the resumption of economic activity from the Corona disaster and soaring energy prices triggered by the military invasion of Ukraine.

According to this, up to eight new nuclear power plants will be built by 2030, and by 2050, up to 25% of electricity demand will be covered by nuclear power generation.

We are also urgently planning to develop a next-generation nuclear reactor called "small module reactor".

Renewable energies such as offshore wind power generation and solar power generation will also increase their power generation capacity.

"We can reduce our reliance on power sources, which are exposed to fluctuations in international prices, and increase our energy self-sufficiency at lower prices," said Johnson, emphasizing that it will have a positive impact on consumers as well as energy security. bottom.

In response to the situation in Ukraine, there is a movement in Europe to discuss the pros and cons of utilizing nuclear power plants from the perspective of energy security in addition to the perspective of climate change countermeasures.

In Germany, where nuclear power is being eliminated, all nuclear power plants are scheduled to stop operating by the end of the year, while the French Macron administration has announced plans to build six new nuclear power plants.