It is reported that President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol circumvented the necessity of a change of local power following a regime change.

It seems that the perception that he must win the June 1 local election, which is held immediately after taking office as president, can properly secure the driving force for state affairs in the early days of his administration.

President-elect Yoon said in a recent meeting with his staff to the effect that "the regime change is not yet complete," officials from the secretariat said in a media call today (6th).

It is interpreted to mean that only when meaningful results are achieved in local elections can the full meaning of authorization is possible.

It is said that the reason people are paying more attention to internal verification ahead of the full-scale personnel hearings is because they are concerned about the fatal blow that personnel risk will inflict on local elections.

Previously, the Democratic Party of Korea had an unprecedented victory in the June 13 local elections in 2018, sweeping 14 out of 17 regional group heads.

If this 'slanted playground' is not corrected, it is a common thought around President-elect Yoon that it will inevitably cause a major setback in the realization of the new government's national tasks by creating a synergistic effect with the topography of women and girls in the park.

The metropolitan area is considered to be the biggest match.

In particular, it is reported that President-elect Yoon was repeatedly regretted that he was behind by more than 5 percentage points in Gyeonggi-do, the 'home' of candidate Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea during the last presidential election.

Even in Gyeonggi Province, where Daejang-dong is located, despite intensively hitting the Daejang-dong incident, it is a painful recovery that it is one of the reasons for the new victory in the country with 0.73% of the vote.

In the midst of this, when first-year lawmaker Eun-hye Kim, who served as the spokesperson for the elected president, cast her vote for the Gyeonggi governor election, there were also observations that the intention of the elected president was reflected.

It was analyzed that Rep. Kim, who has been playing the role of a sniper in Daejang-dong, will lead the fight for issues as an extension of the presidential election with Yoon-elect's new 'reconsideration'.

However, President-elect Yoon's side draws a line saying, "Election is done by the party."

In relation to some analysis that 'Youn Shim' played a role in Kim's candidacy today, spokesperson Bae Hyun-jin said, "It's your decision.

Once a four-way structure was formed between Rep. Kim and former lawmaker Shim Jae-cheol, Yoo Seung-min, and former lawmaker Ham Jin-gyu, it seems that a green light has come to light in the success of the Gyeonggi governor's intra-party competition.

Meanwhile, in some of the people's power, a scenario is being discussed in which Rep. Kim Byeong-wook of the Democratic Party of Korea runs for the Seongnam mayor election and former candidate Lee Jae-myung runs in Bundang, the constituency of Rep. Kim, in a by-election.

The former candidate's home in Sunae-dong belongs to Bundang-eul.

At present, the possibility seems slim, but if this scenario becomes a reality, it is reported that the plan to hire Won Hee-ryong, who was called the 'Daejang-dong 1-hit instructor' as an opponent of former candidate Lee Hee-ryong, is being discussed behind the scenes.

An official said in a phone call, "The political judgment on the Daejang-dong incident is insufficient."