Victor Pourcher 11:14 a.m., April 05, 2022

The Ukrainian conflict continues to impact the economy in France.

And the sudden rise in the price of wheat now threatens egg producers.

Some struggle to stay profitable.

Report from an organic egg producer in Mailleraye-sur-Seine in Normandy. 


The war in Ukraine continues to have an impact on the French economy.

The sudden rise in the price of wheat now threatens egg producers who are struggling to remain profitable.

Illustration in a farm in Mailleraye-sur-Seine, in Normandy.

There are nearly 12,000 hens in this farm and that is as many beaks to feed for François Roussel.

In his gray work coat, he makes sure that the long feeders that cross the building are full.

A raw material that has been increasingly expensive for two months.

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"Today, the food took more than 100 euros per tonne," he explains on Europe 1. "It's huge. It's already 150 euros more than the previous batch for no additional profitability" .

Right next door, François packs the eggs, sorted and stored in their tray, then stacked.

He is helped by a beautiful machine.

"I collect 11,000 eggs in two hours", emphasizes François Roussel. 

"I work to lose money"

Eggs that he would like to sell for 21 cents each instead of 16 today, 30% more expensive.

A matter of survival, he says.

"If the batch really turns out well and the hens lay well, it can be fine. But if the batch turns out badly, I work to lose money. It's been two years since I settled down and I have to repay on ten years, so there, I have no choice. It has to work". 

There is also the threat of avian flu.

In the event of contamination, these animals would be slaughtered and the consequences, he said, catastrophic.