Europe 1 09:07, April 05, 2022

Five days before the first round of the presidential election, Fabien Roussel, the PCF candidate, is the guest of Europe 1. He notably reacted to the death of Jérémy Cohen last February, a young man hit by a tram in Bobigny in trying to escape a gang.  

At the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk, Fabien Roussel, PCF candidate for the presidential election, spoke about the death of Jérémy Cohen, a 31-year-old young man who died last February when he was hit by a tram while trying to escape from a band.

If the reasons for the fight which preceded the death of Jérémy Cohen remain unknown for the time being, certain candidates for the presidential election have for their part evoked a potential anti-Semitic nature of this attack, without this being mentioned by the prosecution of Bobigny.

For his part, Fabien Roussel declared on Europe 1: "Anti-Semitism is a real poison in our Republic. There have never been so many anti-Semitic acts which are on the rise every year." He also wished that "all the light be shed" in order to know the motivations of this aggression.

"I wouldn't want to do justice instead of justice," he also said.

The candidate also declared to be in favor of a strengthening of the law "so that political leaders who could make racist or anti-Semitic remarks are severely condemned, including a sentence of ineligibility"

More information to come...