People's Liberation Army Daily, Beijing, April 4th. Advocating heroes will lead to heroes, and striving to be heroes can lead to heroes.

When the Qingming Festival is approaching, all the officers and soldiers will remember the heroic feats and carry forward the spirit of the heroes through various forms such as sacrificing the cemetery of the martyrs, visiting the revolutionary memorial venues, and paying homage to the martyrs on the cloud.

The majority of officers and soldiers said that they must draw forge ahead from the spirit of heroism, maintain loyalty to the core, and strive to strengthen the army.

  Although it has entered April, the "Plateau Frontier Guard Model Camp" with an average altitude of more than 4,800 meters is still covered in silver.

In September last year, President Xi replied to all the officers and soldiers of the battalion. The officers and soldiers were encouraged and actively participated in the practice of strengthening the army.

In the past few days, combined with deepening the theme education, they entered the honor room to learn and appreciate the spirit of old Tibet.

The battalion commander Chen Zuyuan said: "The spirit of the army will never change, and the flag will always be directed to the party. We must deeply understand the decisive significance of the 'two establishments', be firm in thought, firmly implement in action, and resolutely listen to the party's words. Go with the party."

  Traveling through time and space, the revolutionary heroes erected spiritual road signs one by one to guide the officers and soldiers on the way forward.

In Ruijin, an old revolutionary base, the Jiangxi Armed Police Corps organized representatives of officers and soldiers to go to the Red Army Martyrs Memorial Tower to pay homage to the Red Army martyrs who died heroically.

Revisiting that glorious history, officers and soldiers have expressed that they must push forward the great cause for which revolutionary martyrs fought and sacrificed with the firm ideal and belief that the revolutionary ideal is higher than the sky.

Officers and soldiers of the Xinjiang Military Region's "Advancing Hero Company into Tibet", who were conducting tactical drills on the plateau, came to a red site to pay homage to the martyrs during the training interval.

Standing in the place where the revolutionary ancestors fought, Zheng Kaige, the company's instructor, said with deep feeling: "We must carry forward the spirit of the martyrs, and the more difficult and dangerous we are, the more we move forward, and we will continue to write the glory of the advance company with practical actions."

  Air Force Combat Hero Yue Zhenhua is the first battalion commander of the "Heroic Battalion" of a brigade of the Air Force in the Central Theater Command. In the homeland air defense operations, Yue Zhenhua led the officers and soldiers to shoot down enemy planes repeatedly, creating a precedent for the use of surface-to-air missiles to shoot down planes in the history of world air defense.

After the hero died, the ashes were buried under a ginkgo tree in the camp.

During the Qingming Festival, under the leadership of the 10 "Yue Zhenhua-style pacesetters" just selected, the officers and soldiers of the battalion planted and watered the "hero tree" to cherish the memory of the heroes.

Yuan Tianjiao, the instructor of the battalion, told everyone: "Heroic troops are heroic soldiers. As revolutionary soldiers in the new era, we must strengthen our ability to win battles and resolutely complete the missions and tasks entrusted by the party and the people."

  "I don't believe that there are tasks that cannot be completed, that there are difficulties that cannot be overcome, and that there are enemies that cannot be defeated!" Recently, the army where the super-combat hero Yang Gensi was alive and a brigade of the 83rd Group Army organized officers and soldiers to pay homage to the martyrs on the front line of the exercise and training. The "Three Do Not Believe" Heroes' Oath was chanted in unison.

This scene made Ju Hao, a private soldier from Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, excited.

He said: "I came to the hero's army from the hero's hometown, and I have to learn from the hero and integrate the fighting spirit into the blood."

  The deeds of Chen Dagui, the "National Model for Earthquake Relief and Disaster Relief" in a hotel of the Rocket Army, deeply touched every officer and soldier who came to visit and study.

In the previous rescue and disaster relief tasks, the people's children and soldiers carried forward the fine traditional style of work and made every effort to protect the safety of the people's lives and property.

Zhou Shiwen, commander of a certain company, said that on the Long March in the new era, we must inherit and carry forward these glorious traditions and fine styles of work, and keep the true character of the people's children and soldiers forever.

  The deepest memory is remembering, and the best memory is inheritance.

On the eve of Qingming Festival, a brigade of the Army in the Northern Theater Command organized officers and soldiers to carry out the activity of "writing a letter to the martyrs" to pay tribute to the martyrs who died heroically in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea.

The brigade has performed 8 consecutive burial ceremonies for the remains of the Chinese People's Volunteers in South Korea.

Corporal Du Ziyue, who participated in the mission twice, wrote in the letter: "The martyrs' loyalty, belief, unyielding will, and fighting spirit inspired me to join the military journey with high fighting spirit."

  It is the best consolation to the revolutionary martyrs to practice strong winning skills.

A certain naval aviation brigade in the Eastern Theater Command was formerly known as the "Sea and Air Eagle Regiment". The brigade combined the memory of the martyrs to guide officers and soldiers to integrate the "Sea and Air Eagle Spirit" into their blood, and actively participate in military training and preparation.

Since the training started this year, they have closely followed the mission and tasks to promote the coupling of combat training, promoted the in-depth integration of combat formations, explored innovations in tactics, and solved a number of key and difficult problems that restrict the generation of combat effectiveness.

  Officers and soldiers of a pipeline regiment of Xining Joint Logistics Support Center came to the Red Army Baizhangguan Campaign Martyrs Memorial Garden, presented flowers and read the letters of the martyrs; a brigade of the 71st Group Army, a brigade of the Marine Corps, Xinzhou Military Division and other units organized officers and soldiers to use the online sacrifice platform , to carry out online memorial activities... Remember the spiritual power inspired by the memorial, and encourage people to forge ahead.

  Inheriting the red gene and taking on the important task of strengthening the army.

Officers and soldiers of a certain department of the Strategic Support Force, a certain brigade of the Army in the Central Theater Command, and the Academy of the Armed Police Force said that they should turn their memory of the heroes into the spiritual motivation to move forward, and devote themselves to the great practice of strengthening the army and rejuvenating the army in a more high-spirited state. Welcome the party's 20th National Congress with excellent results.

  (Reporters Hu Pu, Li Jianwen, Zou Fei, Han Cheng, Lai Yuhong, Wu Min, special correspondent Liu Qiang, correspondent Bian Jingze, Wu Jun, Zongheng, Lu Dongyu, Sha Lingyun, Chen Yubo, Gao Sifeng, Xu Zhewen, Liang Quanlin, Zhang Xiaohe , Stone Road, etc.)