Weekly negative smear for unvaccinated students over 16 years old

A complete return to “presence education” and the abolition of distancing in Abu Dhabi schools

The return of in-person education will be accompanied by reduced precautionary measures.

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge announced the complete return to attendance education in all private schools in Abu Dhabi, starting from the next semester (the third semester), stressing that it is no longer possible to provide “distance education” to other than the groups listed in the table of medical cases classified as “high risk”. .

She stressed that the full return of urban education will be accompanied by reduced precautionary measures for "Covid-19", to support the return to normal life with the continued improvement of the health situation.

In detail, private schools in Abu Dhabi informed "Emirates Today" of the return of full attendance education in classes, regardless of the vaccination status of students over 16 years old, pointing out that the requirement to obtain a "Covid-19" vaccine is no longer activated.

She stressed that the requirement for the distance between students within the classrooms, which was set by the department as “at least one meter” between the student and the other, is also no longer mandatory.

The schools sent text messages to the students’ families, confirming that all students must return to the classroom as of next Monday (April 11th), according to the department’s directives, as distance education will be provided only for students with high-risk medical conditions.

She called on the students' families to communicate with the school clinic, in case their son is at great risk, and to submit an updated medical report from the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, pointing out the need to submit the "distance learning" option for this category of students before the deadline next Friday (April 8th). current).

The schools confirmed that unvaccinated students over the age of 16 must return to education face to face, adding that students under the age of 16, and vaccinated students over the age of 16, will be required to conduct a monthly PCR examination. To maintain the green traffic system in the “Al-Hosn” program, while unvaccinated students over the age of 16 will be obligated to conduct the examination weekly.

Teachers and administrators attributed the decision to return to classroom education completely to the significant decrease in cases of the “Covid-19” virus in the emirate, in addition to the absence of infections in schools throughout the second semester, and the high rates of vaccination among students and members of the educational field, pointing out that the decision It will benefit the students and contribute to their higher academic achievement.

The students’ parents welcomed the decision, and stressed that it is in the interest of their children, after more than two years of intermittent study, noting the decline in the achievement capabilities of students during distance education, compared to what it was in direct school education.

They said that children find it difficult to interact with screens, compared to the case in class.

Parents of students confirmed that their children have not attended their schools fully since the emergence of the “Covid-19” virus, as they studied either in the “distance education” system, or in the rotation system for weeks, after the decisions to reopen schools, due to the condition that students receive the vaccine.

Statistics of the Department of Education and Knowledge showed that 121,394 male and female students received the vaccination, representing 44% of school students, while the number of vaccinated teachers and employees reached 37,299, or 97% of the total school workers.

“Emirates Today” published last March 23, under the title (complaints about students ignoring “distance education” during classes), the demands of students in private schools in Abu Dhabi to return to full-time study during the third semester, in order to ensure the educational future of their children, After their level declined significantly, the competent authorities in the emirate decided to return all students to education face to face in the third semester.

15 sick cases

The Department of Education and Knowledge identified a list of medical cases classified as high-risk during the “Covid-19” pandemic, which are allowed to study remotely, and included 15 disease cases, including: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, lung diseases, and chronic lung diseases (such as: Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung fibrosis and bronchiectasis), cancer patients, and others.

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