China Overseas Chinese Network, April 4. According to the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan, according to the current epidemic situation and the latest domestic notification requirements, starting from April 4, 2022, the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan will apply for health codes for those who travel to China from South Sudan. The requirements are adjusted as follows:

  1. General requirements

  All those who take flights from South China to China must apply to the embassy in advance for a health code or a health declaration.

Chinese citizens can register and apply for a health code through the WeChat applet "Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Edition"; foreigners can log in to the Health Declaration System ( H5/) registration and fill in the application for a declaration of health status.

  The Chinese Embassy in South Sudan does not review and issue health codes for those who transit to China via South Sudan.

Passengers departing from South China to China can only transit to one country, and no codes will be issued for transiting to more than one country.

Please be sure to fully understand the epidemic prevention policy of the transit place and the remote prevention and control requirements of the Chinese embassy and consulate in the transit place in advance.

  2. Pre-trip inspection

  (1) Persons with no history of infection and who have completed all doses of inactivated/non-inactivated vaccines

  Take "double nucleic acid detection within 48 hours + 12 hours".

Persons going to China must conduct nucleic acid testing in two different testing institutions designated by the embassy. The sampling time for secondary testing must be within 12 hours before the flight takes off (Class I or Class II testing institutions must be selected, see remarks for details).

  (2) Confirmed persons and persons who have not been vaccinated but are either positive for nucleic acid, IgM or IgG (including those who have been vaccinated after infection)

  1. After proper treatment and recovery, go to a medical institution for lung CT or X-ray diagnosis. The diagnosis result must indicate that there is no inflammation in the lungs or confirm recovery, otherwise it will be regarded as invalid.

  2. For "dual nucleic acid testing", two nucleic acid tests should be selected from a Type I testing institution and a Type II testing institution respectively, and the sampling interval should be at least 24 hours and no more than 72 hours.

  3. The materials will be sent to for pre-examination within 3 days after obtaining the above three test results (indicate name + application for pre-examination). Rehabilitation applications will be responded to regularly.

  4. After 4 weeks of recovery (after 2 months of recovery from Egypt, including 21 days of pre-departure isolation), a trip to China can be arranged. 48 hours before flight departure Internal Double Nucleic Acid Detection".

  (3) Those who have no history of infection and who have not been vaccinated, and who have completed 2 doses of inactivated vaccine on the same day

  1. People who have not been vaccinated should take "IgM antibody + double nucleic acid test", that is, within 48 hours before the flight takes off, a serum-specific IgM antibody (using venous blood) test at a Class II testing institution, and a nucleic acid test at a Class I testing institution. For testing, a nucleic acid test shall be conducted by a Category II testing institution within 12 hours before the flight takes off.

  2. Those who have completed 2 doses of inactivated vaccine on the same day will be treated as those who have not been vaccinated, and the relevant overseas Chinese should complete the corresponding doses of vaccine re-vaccination before they can be regarded as vaccinated.

If it is really impossible to complete the re-vaccination, such as IgM and IgG positive, you must apply for a pre-recovery trial with reference to Article (2).

  (4) Contact with confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic patients within 14 days without infection

  Suspend the issuance of codes for people (including family members, colleagues, business partners, neighbors, etc.) who have had no effective protective contact with confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic infections in the past 14 days.

If you need to return to China in the near future in an emergency, you must undergo at least 14 days of isolation and health testing, and nucleic acid testing on the 1st, 4th, and 7th days during the period. ) or "IgM antibody + double nucleic acid detection" (not vaccinated) requires applying for a nucleic acid code.

  (5) Persons whose CT value of nucleic acid detection is between 35 and 40

  Refer to Article (4) for the management of close contacts.

  Remarks: ① Class I testing institutions include South Sudan National Health Laboratory, Med-Blue, Nojum, BioLab, and Crawford, and Class II testing institutions include Peace Hospital, Friendship Hospital, and Yilian Church.

②The above nucleic acid detection refers to the nucleic acid detection of nasopharyngeal swabs (not oropharyngeal swabs).

③ Those who have been vaccinated can apply for a health code only 14 days after the vaccination is completed.

  3. Basic materials for applying for a health code

  (1) Passport information page

  (2) Valid residence certificate (such as visa, work permit)

  (3) Last entry stamp page

  (4) 21-day self-health monitoring form

  (5) Testing materials 48 hours before departure (when selecting "nucleic acid testing institution", please select the last testing institution)

  (6) Itinerary for the whole journey to China

  (7) The real quarantine certificate issued by the enterprise or institution where you work

  (8) Vaccination certificates for all doses of the new crown vaccine (for those who have been vaccinated)

  (9) Screenshot of the email from the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan confirming the pre-examination of the recovery certificate (for those who have recovered from COVID-19)

  (10) Other documents required by the embassy

  Fourth, matters needing attention

  (1) The relevant testing time limit is strictly calculated according to the sampling time and the flight departure time.

  (2) In order to speed up the review process, applicants are requested to submit a health code application to our embassy through the WeChat applet after preparing all the materials except the nucleic acid test report within 12 hours before the flight departure, and ensure that the uploaded materials are complete according to the above-mentioned list of materials. , fill in the information accurately, and ensure that the uploaded picture is clear and the key information is complete, and the embassy will conduct a pre-review.

After completing the nucleic acid test within 12 hours before flight departure, upload the nucleic acid test report within 12 hours as soon as possible at least 4 hours before flight departure.

Our embassy will arrange special personnel to do their best to speed up the review. Applicants are requested to wait patiently, and do not call to make inquiries, so as not to occupy work resources, delay the review progress, and ultimately affect their own or others' schedules.

If you apply temporarily before the flight takes off, you may face the risk of not being able to pass the review in time, and the resulting losses will be borne by the applicant.

  (3) The applicant must fill in all the matters truthfully.

If fraud or concealment is found, it will bear corresponding legal responsibility.

At the same time, the embassy will suspend the issuance of health codes for those who plan to return to China for enterprises that do not earnestly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, resulting in a large number of imported cases and cluster infections.

  (4) Passengers are requested to carefully check whether the personal information such as name, passport number, nationality, etc. on the test report is correct. If there is any error, be sure to contact the testing agency to correct it.

  (5) When applying for a health code, you must fill in your local mobile phone number in South Sudan, and keep the phone open so that the embassy can communicate with you on issues related to applying for a health code.

  (6) In case of inconsistency between previous notices and this notice, this notice shall prevail.

  At present, the global COVID-19 situation is still complicated and severe. The Chinese Embassy in South Sudan once again reminds compatriots in South Sudan to continue to adhere to "non-essential, non-emergency, and no travel".

If you really need to return to China, please strictly implement the pre-trip isolation measures, strengthen the protection during testing, waiting and boarding, and reduce the risk of infection during travel.