Alexandre Chauveau 6:13 a.m., April 4, 2022, modified at 6:16 a.m., April 4, 2022

Valérie Pécresse was at a meeting at Porte de Versailles in Paris on Sunday.

A month and a half after her performance criticized at the Zenith, the candidate wanted to "wash the affront"... In front of nearly 5,000 activists, she defended her project and called on voters to make the polls lie. 

Falling below 10% in the polls, Valérie Pécresse presented herself on Sunday as the only right-wing candidate, in a meeting where she called on voters to "overturn the table" by the first round of the presidential election.

"I am not the candidate of the verb"

Valérie Pécresse showed herself to be much more comfortable and natural than at the Zenith, despite always a few slightly overplayed flights.

But the candidate has undeniably progressed, she speaks this time no longer alone on stage, but in the midst of the Young Republicans, and dominates the room more.

Valérie Pécresse cultivates the image of a woman who prefers to act rather than seduce: "I am not the candidate of the verb. I want to be the candidate of real action, the one who changes the lives of the French", proclaims-t -she.

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Nicolas Sarkozy booed

A speech of three quarters of an hour, in front of all the tenors of the right.

All except... Nicolas Sarkozy, who declined the invitation.

The former president and founder of the Republicans, was even booed by the room, at the mention of his name during the speeches which preceded the speech.

Whistles which inevitably challenge, in view of the extreme popularity which was that of Nicolas Sarkozy among LR activists, but which reflect their bitterness in the face of the silence of the former president, and even his harsh criticism towards Valérie Pécresse in this campaign .