[Global Web Report] According to Fox News in the United States, former US Vice President Mike Pence said in an interview with the media on the 2nd local time that the current US President Biden "has caused more damage to the United States than any president in modern history." ".

  According to reports, Pence talked about his views on Biden in an interview that day.

"I think President Biden has done more damage to America than any president in modern history," Pence said. "In just 14 months, inflation is at its highest level in 40 years. Our borders have emerged. Worst crisis in U.S. history. Gasoline prices up 70%. Disastrous troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, poor response to the Covid-19 pandemic, etc.”

  During the Trump administration, the United States issued a "Section 42" immigration deportation order for epidemic prevention reasons. According to the deportation order, the United States has prevented a large number of immigrants from entering the United States.

CNN reported on March 30, citing U.S. officials, that the Biden administration plans to end the deportation order by May 23.

  According to reports, Pence believed in an interview that day that canceling the deportation order would exacerbate the "worst border crisis in American history."

He also cited relevant assessment results, saying that the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States every day will soar from 7,000 to 18,000.

  It is worth mentioning that former US President Trump has also repeatedly denounced Biden.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Trump spoke at a rally of supporters called "Save America" ​​held in Georgia on March 26, local time, and denounced the Ukraine crisis, high inflation and soaring gasoline prices. to the government.

He also accused Biden of "killing the American Dream" more than a year after taking office.

  The British "Daily Mail" reported on March 14 that a new poll released by the American Morning Consult on the same day showed that as many as 68% of Americans said that under the leadership of the Biden administration, the country is on the wrong track.

That number is enough to spark unease among Democrats about the November midterm elections, the report said.

A growing number of opinion polls show Americans frustrated with high prices and inflation, blaming the government for it.

The poll results released by the NBC News program on March 27 also showed that Biden’s overall approval rating fell to 40%, a record low since taking office.

55% of respondents disapprove of Biden's performance.