Morocco: relatives of Omar Radi denounce a "hardening" of his conditions of detention

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Moroccan journalist Omar Radi (here in March 2020).


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Arrested and charged in July 2020, on charges he has always denied, the journalist and human rights defender was previously detained in Casablanca prison, where his family lives.

He was transferred to that of Tiflet, which, according to his father, is “ 

revenge towards him, his family and his defense committee



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We believe that it is revenge on the part of the prison administration which constitutes, in fact, the armed wing prolonging the revenge of the Moroccan authorities against Omar Radi.

Omar Radi is a young investigative journalist who has always said and written what he thinks and he has therefore been criticized for this state of affairs.

He's someone who doesn't bend his back, who tells the truth.

So we try to silence him with all the force we denounce.

Ayad Ahram, member of the support committee, in France, for Moroccan political prisoners

Leonard Vincent


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