• Jordan The former crown prince, under "house arrest", denies his involvement in a plot against his half-brother, the king

  • Middle East Prince Hamza challenges King Abdullah of Jordan


Hamza of Jordan

has relinquished the title of prince, according to an official statement.

In April 2021

Hamza reported that he was under house arrest


In a video broadcast to the BBC, the prince claimed that the army chief of staff went to his house and told him that "he was not allowed to leave it".

The Jordanian government accused Prince Hamza of being behind a

"conspiracy" to destabilize the country's security.

Hamza denied involvement in any conspiracy and said he "was not responsible for the

degradation of governance, corruption and incompetence"

of his country's authorities over the past 20 years.

The crisis ended with a letter published by Hamza through the royal house:

"I will remain loyal

to the heritage of my ancestors

, to His Majesty [King Abdullah II], as well as to his crown prince, and

I will make myself available to help and support them."

In 1999, Abdullah inherited the throne on the condition

that Hamza

- the product of the late monarch's relationship with his fourth and last wife, Noor - be next in line.

In 2004, Abdullah snatched the crown promised to his stepbrother

from him so that his own eldest son, named after his grandfather, inherited it.

Hamza bin Al Hussein himself has posted his resignation on his twitter account:

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