President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol said, "I will work hard to restore the full honor of the victims of April 3rd and their families."

President-elect Yoon attended the 74th anniversary commemoration ceremony for the Jeju 4 3 victims held today (3rd) at the Jeju 4 3 Peace Park and said this through the memorial service.

This is the first time for a president or elected president from a conservative party to attend the 4·3 memorial ceremony.

During a visit to Jeju on February 5, during his candidacy, Yoon promised that he would come back if he became elected.

President-elect Yoon said, "It is our responsibility to remember the 4·3 to heal the pain and take care of the scars, and it is the Republic of Korea's share to move toward reconciliation, coexistence, and the future."

He then promised, "The state will responsibly care for the lives and pains of the bereaved families who have overcome the pain and hard times of the survivors."

President-elect Yoon emphasized, "It is the natural duty of a liberal democracy that pursues universal values ​​of freedom and human rights to warmly care for innocent victims and share their pain with the people."

President-elect Yoon said, "We remember the painful history of the 4·3 and each innocent sacrifice. done,” he said.

He continued, "I send my deepest condolences to the souls of the victims."

President-elect Yoon told Jeju residents, "When I visited this place last February, there was a blizzard, but today I saw red camellia flowers and many beautiful flowers in full bloom all over Jeju. I will try,” he said.

He continued, "I will not forget the promise to warmly care for the souls of innocent victims together with the people."

(Photo = Insuui Photo Reporters Group, Yonhap News)