3 Palestinian youths were martyred at dawn today, Saturday, by the bullets of an Israeli special force in an ambush at the Araba junction, south of Jenin, in light of the reinforcements of the occupation in the West Bank and within the Green Line areas.

Eyewitnesses reported that the occupation forces shot at a Palestinian vehicle carrying the three young men, and left them to bleed until they died.

Sources in the Red Crescent also confirmed that they were prevented from giving aid to the martyrs after they were shot, and that the occupation preserved their bodies and refused to hand them over, and transferred them to military vehicles.

For its part, the Israeli occupation army said that a special unit carried out an operation against an armed Palestinian cell, killing 3 Palestinians.

The statement accused the three young men of belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement and of being responsible for an armed operation that took place near the city of Tulkarm a while ago.

The occupation forces admitted that 4 of their soldiers were wounded in the operation, one of them seriously.

Al-Quds Brigades (the military arm of the Islamic Jihad) mourned the three martyrs, saying that they were among its fighters, and vowed to respond.

The national and Islamic forces in Jenin camp mourned the three martyrs, and in statements broadcast through loudspeakers in the camp’s mosques, the forces denounced what they described as the crime of the occupation in liquidating and executing the martyrs and preventing the Red Crescent crews from reaching them and leaving them bleeding on the ground, until they breathed their last.

The factions also demanded the immediate release of the bodies of the martyrs, whom they promised to continue the march until the defeat of the occupation, according to the statement.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) confirmed - today, Saturday - that the policy of murder and assassination pursued by Israel against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Jerusalem will not provide it with security.

The movement said - in a press statement - that it "mourns the three heroic martyrs, who rose at the dawn of the first of Ramadan (the second of April 2022), in a cowardly assassination targeting them, at the Araba junction in Jenin after they clashed with the Zionist occupation forces invading in the occupied West Bank. His criminal escalation against our land, our people and our sanctities."

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz had signed an extraordinary order to recruit 300 reserve soldiers to reinforce the Israeli police force.

The new force will constitute 3 battalions, which will work under the command of the Israeli police, which asked the Ministry of Defense to strengthen its ranks on an exceptional basis.

This step comes within the framework of the reinforcements announced by the Israeli security and army authorities to confront the ongoing state of escalation in the West Bank and within the Green Line areas.

The occupation police reinforced their presence in the vicinity of Jerusalem (French)

For his part, Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi said that the military operation would continue to put an end to Palestinian armed attacks.

Kohavi added - during his inspection of the seam line and the separation wall with the West Bank - that the Israeli army prevented hundreds of Palestinian attacks, according to him.

In a related context, the Palestinian factions vowed a harsh response to what they described as the crimes of the occupation in the city of Jerusalem, and against the Palestinian people.

Hamas had warned that "the Israeli crimes and violations portend a comprehensive explosion, which will be stronger and more painful."

As for the Islamic Jihad movement, it warned of the repercussions of the repeated incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, and said that these practices are a serious violation of sanctities, and herald a new intifada.