China News Service, Beijing, April 1 (Reporter Li Jingze and Xing Chong) On April 1, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference.

  A reporter asked: According to reports, the latest update on the website of the US non-profit organization "Gun Violence Archives" on the 30th shows that in the first three months of this year, gun violence in the United States has killed at least 10,362 people, and another 8,172 people have been injured by gunfire. have increased over the same period.

Considering that the US government is promoting its democracy and human rights everywhere, what is the spokesperson's comment?

  Zhao Lijian: I noticed the number you mentioned. It means that in the first three months of this year, on average, more than 115 people lost their lives and more than 90 people were injured due to gun violence in the United States every day.

There are also studies that estimate that the US population is only 5% of the global population, but owns 46% of the world's firearms.

There are as many gun stores in the US as there are drugstores.

There are nearly 400 million guns of various types in the hands of American civilians, an average of about 120 guns per 100 people.

These data show that the United States is not only the world's number one power, but also the world's number one "gun country".

  According to media reports, a huge industrial chain has been formed in the manufacture and trading of guns in the United States. Relevant interest groups have provided a large amount of political donations for the U.S. presidential and congressional elections, forming a military-industrial complex of "politicians + arms dealers", which has profoundly affected U.S. policy and public opinion. .

Under the joint efforts of the military-industrial complex, many U.S. governments have been willing to restrict guns but have been unable to recover. Various forms of gun control bills often end without success due to various reasons.

The increasing number of gun violence cases in the United States has become a typical example of the shortcomings of the American system.

  The US government should put the devil of gun violence back into the bottle first, and let the American people enjoy "democracy and human rights" without gun violence.