Yannick Jadot is embarking on a presidential campaign for the first time.

It offers a program of around 120 proposals, closely linking environmental, economic, social, societal and international measures.

On the left, pro-European and taking a pragmatic line, he defends “an ecology that succeeds”.


The Europe Ecologie-Les Verts candidate advocates the closure of nuclear power plants “as they become obsolete”, including “a dozen by 2035”.

It wants to bet on renewable energies with the deployment of 3,000 additional onshore wind turbines and the installation of 340 km² of solar panels by 2027.

It intends to invest 10 billion euros per year for the renovation of housing and buildings and distribute an energy check of 400 euros for six million households.

He promises to introduce a social energy tariff for the most modest.

He finally wants to end the sale of new thermal vehicles from 2030 and ban airlines for journeys of less than four hours by train.

At European level, he would like an environmental treaty to be signed.

You have the power to change our lives.

Together, let's write a new page in the history of our country, with the advent of the Ecological Republic, for social justice, respect for life and preservation of the climate!#FaireFace #Jadot2022 pic.twitter.com/zGH3LzQuI2

— Yannick Jadot (@yjadot) March 29, 2022

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Yannick Jadot wants to end cage farming by 2025 and develop short circuit sales.

It aims to halve synthetic fertilizers and pesticides by 2027. It also wants 100% organic and local food in public canteens.


The environmental candidate wants to create a climate wealth tax (ISF) for assets over 2 million euros, generating at least 15 billion euros per year.

He promises to increase the minimum wage to 1,500 euros during his term of office and to introduce a citizen's income to fight against poverty.

He also wants to set family allowances at 70 euros per month and per child from the first.

He is in favor of an extension of the PMA and the recognition of parentage facilitated for children born by surrogacy abroad.

It plans to introduce equal parental leave for both parents.


The MEP wants to recruit 100,000 nurses.

He also wants to force young doctors to start their careers in medical deserts.


Yannick Jadot promises the hiring of 65,000 teachers and a salary increase.

He wants Parcoursup to be replaced by a “transparent” system.


The EELV candidate promises to invest a billion euros in justice with the recruitment of 3,000 magistrates and 8,000 more agents.

He is in favor of the legalization of cannabis and advocates the return of the national local police and the creation of an environmental police.

He wants to entrust migration policy to a “great Ministry of Solidarity”.


Yannick Jadot wants to lower the voting age to 16 and recognize the blank vote.

He wants to return to a non-renewable seven-year term for the head of state and pass a law separating lobbies and the state.

On election night, find all the results of the 2022 presidential election here.

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Presidential 2022: At the Zenith, Yannick Jadot tries to pack the match

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